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Marv Levy returns to Bills

winters in buffalo

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Levy back in Buffalo, this time as Bills GM

Levy back in Buffalo, this time as Bills GM

By JOHN WAWROW,AP Sports Writer

05 Jan 2006

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (AP) - Marv Levy is back in football and feels like a newcomer.

Referring to himself as ``an 80-year-old rookie,'' Levy returned to the franchise he led to an unprecedented four straight Super Bowl appearances in the 1990s, eagerly accepting the position of general manager Thursday.

``My enthusiasm is unbounded,'' Levy said. ``It's not just to get back into the mainstream of the football world, but to do it with the Buffalo Bills, for whom I have such a longtime affection.''

And then came the first of many jokes.

``They say two things happen when you get older. One is you begin to forget things,'' Levy said, before pausing. ``And I can't remember what the other one is right now.''

But don't let his age fool you.

``The age factor means nothing to me,'' said Levy, noting he runs three miles five times a week. ``I'm old enough to know my limitations and I'm young enough to exceed them.''

Old as he might be, he brings a fresh presence to a team that's fallen on hard times, having qualified for the playoffs only twice since Levy retired following the 1997.

Levy's return comes a day after Bills owner Ralph Wilson fired team president and general manager Tom Donahoe. The Bills are coming off a 5-11 finish to go a combined 31-49 in five seasons under Donahoe, tied with Cleveland for the third-fewest victories in the NFL during that span. They have missed the playoffs six straight years.

In tapping his franchise's storied past, Wilson brings in a trusted confidante and longtime friend to an organization that, at times, alienated fans under Donahoe.

``We're bringing Marv back so that he can bring a stability to the Buffalo Bills,'' Wilson said.

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Levy was a good coach back in the day, but I dunno about this move. It's cool to see Marv back in Buffalo and all, but come on ... he's 80 years old! :wacko:

Agreed. Do they honestly think he's the solution to their problems? He's pushing 80! They can't expect him to be there very long to begin with so why go this route? Why not just put the Crypt Keeper in charge of the Bills? Sheesh...

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Why not just put the Crypt Keeper in charge of the Bills? Sheesh...

I think the Crypt Keeper is more of a basketball expert. :D

Levy's return is probably more of a P.R. move than anything else. Bring back a name from the 90's type thing.

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Seriousrly, Jim Kelly has more game right now than any current Bills QB on the roster.  Bring Jim back!

Would be nice but he wouldnt come back he is busy with his charity work (Hunters Hope)

On Marv- I like this move. He knows alot about football. He is 80 but is in GREAT health.

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What's his age have to do with anything? It's not like they're starting him at linebacker.

No, but the game may have passed him by and do you actually think he's going to still be VP/GM 5-10 years from now??

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