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I'm a Cavs fan, I guess. (I have previously claimed to be either a Celtics fan or a Knicks fan, but I think I finally settled.) I could not STAND their old logo, but this new one is pretty freaking sweet.

If only the Sabres could take a cue from THAT logo.


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sixers logo: way too busy, big and clunky, the motion line is terrible, way too many colors, screams mid '90s.

See what I mean:


bring back this logo:


& these unis:


or an updated version of these (a la the Pistons):


and it would be perfect.

Pat Croce wanted the black and this new look and he is long gone. Time to bring the Sixers back to their roots. This upcoming season (or if too late, the next season) would be the perfect time to change them since they seem to be moving on from the AI era and the current unis will always be affiliated with the AI/LB era.

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I think the Hawks have a pretty good logo. But I think they should use the Hawk head logo more places.

I would love to go back to the Spud Webb era jerseys.

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Houston Rockettes.

El stinko.

Come to think of it, wouldn't "Rockettets" have been a better name for the WNBA franchise than "Comets?"

(Note: We had a local high school that actually used "Rockets" for the boys teams and "Rockettes" for the girls.)

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http://sportslogos.net/logo.php?lo=826 The following link takes you to the current Portland Trail Blazers logo, my favorite team and logo. It is simply the most unique logo in sports :woot: ! As seen just a few months ago on this very site, the Pinwheel represents 5-on-5 as on the basketball floor. No matter if it was on it's tip from '70-'91 or the current design, on a scale from One to Awesome; It's Super Great !

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i think that the phoenix suns have the best logo in the nba. updating the logo and uniform really got them out of the barkley era and into the nash era :flagcanada: . would be better if "PHX" flaming basketball logo was primary.

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