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Logolympiad Vote: Event 6

winters in buffalo

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OK, the judges managed to knock 3 entries out, so we'll vote on the top 10.

Pick you 3 favorite designs, ranked from 1st to 3rd.

I think we can get all the votes in by Thursday, but I'll extend voting until 9:oo EDT.

Criteria for this event:

create a third uniform for the St. Louis Blues.

Here are your choices:

Enrty 1

Enrty 2

Enrty 3

Enrty 4

Enrty 6

Enrty 7

Enrty 9

Enrty 11

Enrty 12

Enrty 13

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Ugh, too many look alike.

Gold- 6

I love it. There's no way on Earth this would ever be made, but unlike virtually the rest of the entries, this one screams "LOOK AT ME! I'M A THIRD JERSEY!" I think the best part of it is the asymetrical shoulder striping that follows the large logo. A+ for you.

Silver- 9

With apologies to Pittsburgh, St. Louis is perhaps the only franchise out of the first wave of expansion that could pull off an old school lettered jersey. I was shocked that this was the only entry that even attempted it, and did it superbly by tying in the classic lettered style with the Blues' modern wordmark. Good idea on the single shoulder logo, as a problem occurs when it's time for a special patch (like the Stanley Cup Finals... like that'll ever happen again ;)) on a lettered jersey. In addition, great job on the number and name font going in the generals style of the wordmark.

Bronze- 13

Bronze came down to the two with different logos, but I like the attempt to pull an entry #6 on the bottom, and it give it the nod over entry 11. The clincher to me is the fact that the logo used is good enough that should be immediately bought by the franchise and made into their secondary logo.

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