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Bounding back to the South Pacific...to Hawai'i!


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...And the list just keeps growing and growing and growing...

Here's the first 18 of this series:

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So here we are, back in the South Pacific. I finally figured out what I wanted to do with this one, so here it is.


Hawaiian Airlines began life as Inter-Island Airways Ltd. back in 1929, but took on the more familiar name Hawaiian Airlines in 1941 (remember the year). Back during that time, Hawaiian Airlines was granted the very first air cargo certificate issued by the Civil Aeronautics Board, which was instrumental in Hawaiian Airlines' early success--not to mention being vital to their wartime operations at that time. During the '60's, Hawaiian (along with most other airlines) began to modernize, and moved into the jet age, at which time more travel was available between the Hawaiian islands and the mainland U.S. In 1966, Hawaiian received its very first DC-9, which would be the inter-island workhorse of Hawaiian's fleet). Modernization of Hawaiian's fleet also helped jump off the tourism industry in the state of Hawai'i, which in turn helped the airline grow. In 1984, Hawaiin began worldwide charter flights, which only helped them grow even more. Five years ago, Hawaiian jumped off yet another fleet modernization program, and today its fleet is among the youngest in the industry. However, there is one thing Hawaiian can boast that no other major U.S.-based airline can claim: during its 76 years of service, there has not been ONE SINGLE AIRCRAFT CRASH OR FATALITY. (That's something not even SOUTHWEST can claim!!!) Among other recognitions the airline has racked up over the years: best on-time performance, lowest baggage loss percentage, best in-flight meals and best airline service. (This IS Hawaiian virtue, after all--I grew up with and became very close with a native Hawaiian family.)

So there's that.

Okay--now on to the concept!

This one was a little tough to tackle, although by looking at this, one probably wouldn't say that. The basic layout was rather simple; it was the execution that had me stuck. That's mainly because of the colors: purple, magenta, and a pale-ish orange. But eventually, I figured it out. The thing I want to point out is the collar treatment. Take one more look at the aft end of that aircraft, and you'll see a fading blossom pattern. (Oh--speaking of that blossom, how many football teams--or teams PERIOD, outside the WNBA, feature a female in their logos? This one here is kinda cool.) Anyway, I had the idea to do something similar with the collar trim, and wouldn't you know it--it came out looking like a lei, which makes entirely TOO MUCH SENSE--so much so that I have no clue how that idea never once crossed my mind beforehand (and what singular item is more representative of Hawaii than a lei?). Just to keep the sleeves from looking bare, I gave them the same treatment, but that's where that ends. The uniforms themselves are pretty plain and straightforward (as has been the trend of late, pointed out by one Moser316, but then, it's also a product of what I have to work with, livery-wise). I have absolutely no kinda clue, or anything even resembling a hunch, what font Hawaiian Airlines uses, fo I pretty much fashioned the numbers out of another font to make it the closest match to Hawaiian's font I could get. The helmets are white, with the flower blossom logo on the sides. The home shirt is purple, with white pants (with said logo at the hip on both sides) and purple socks. The numbers are white sans trim. The roads are the exact reverse, except the socks are that pal orange color. That was done to avoid the dreaded "leotard" look. Oh--and the "Hawaiian Airlines" wordmark is on the sleeves. As far as the 3rd/alt goes, take a look at this here. Those who have followed this series closely enough should immediately pick out what element of that photo is prominently featured on my concept. :D The numbers are modeled in that older Hawaiian Airlines wordmark style (said wordmark is also on the sleeves of the jersey, which is white, along with the pants--obviously). I know the numbers are a little hard to read, but this time, I just threw caution to the wind and went with it. The socks are dark maroon, as are said numbers, and the stripes you see on the socks are repeated on the collar/sleeve ribs.

Okay, so with all that said, and without further ado, here is my concept for Hawaiian Airlines!

C&C greatly appreciated...


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Another favorite here...liked how you, given what you had to work with, turned out an extremely classy uni. The overall look, right down to the lei trim, says "Hawaii" but doesn't necessarily scream it. Once again, I say "stunning!"

Oh, and regarding the "throwback" airlines brought up in previous posts...the one that came to my mind: Pacific Southwest Airlines (PSA).


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Another great concept...I was wondering if you are goinig to Aloha Airlines concept . I been wondering how a bird of pardise would be used in one the airline concepts.

I'll look into that...and see what I can come up with. Won't be anytime soon, though. That's only because I'm about a month from graduation and I gotta get those ducks in a row before I start lining up new ones. But I can add it to my list, though.

Another favorite here...liked how you, given what you had to work with, turned out an extremely classy uni. The overall look, right down to the lei trim, says "Hawaii" but doesn't necessarily scream it. Once again, I say "stunning!"

Exactly what I was going for. Although I will say I kinda "punked" out by going with the pale orange socks on the road set instead of sticking to my guns and my first draft of magenta socks.

Thanks to all who've commented thus far...on this and any/all of my other concepts in this series!

(Here's a little sneak preview of my next lil' concept brainchild: it's another industry entirely, although some aspects of it do entail the usage of aircraft...some of the companies in this industry even interact with airlines from time to time. Good luck on your guessing...and be looking for that one sometime soon!!!)

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