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mavs are doubled, but the third jersey is also missing :(

i have more teams done, just without the numbers right now...the mavs 3rd is one of them


ALSO: I cant remove the double posted mavericks...since it combined my first 3 or 4 posts, i cant go back and remove links (will say too many images in one post

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All I can say is wow. If it can resemble anything like nhluniforms.com we are in for one real treat!! Good stuff, I can't wait to see some of the historical jerseys and even the old school Raptors ones!!

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Has anyone done a Mavs uni in Royal Blue? I'd kinda like to see an alt of that instead of the green.

Just for you.


Edit: Ignore the shorts cut, didnt know it was there when i saved...

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those are awesome, i ABSOLUTELY LOVE THESE!!!!!!!!!!!! i was wondering if you stopped doing the ncaa unis or are just taking a sabatical?

Im doing NBA now, the NCAA templates are sufficient for now. Ive done enough work for others:)

All the NBA teams i do will eventually be added into a public template(just the NBA teams' blank uniforms)

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These are cool :shocked::shocked::shocked: But the mavs home jersey numbers are outlined in silver not navy blue

Yeah i just had some reference pics att he time that looked like there was a navy outline, then silver outline, but apparently the navy outline i saw was just the stitching making it look darker.

and you should try to do more fantasy jersey concepts like the royal blue you did for the mavs (ex: nuggets yellow, knicks orange, etc.).

I plan to as i go along, just for fun

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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