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new Oregon State football uniforms


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go to ign.com they have new video and pics up for upcoming ncaa 08 game for 360 system. looks like OSU has new uni's and the number font looks alot like the new mark they came up with..

personally i love the pants but think the jersey looks STUPID!



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Count me in among those who thinks the orange part of the jersey looks like the players just came from a plus-size panty raid. I don't get it in the least.

Also, the number font appears very similar to what the Philadelphia Soul were using before this season.

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This beats the BYU bib, hands down!

Do these idiot designers ever think about what they're doing?

Actually I believe it's called a BRO.

Or a "manziere" if you prefer.

Thanks, now I have that image in my mind of Frank Costanza dancing around in his BRO.

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