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Kings new uniforms.


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I have heard from a pretty good source that there is a real good chance that they may bring back the OLD crown logo (and hopefully clean it up) but I did not hear about its colour scheme. They could go back to purple and yellow... but I think its more likely they'll keep the scheme they are currently using. The reason that there is such a good chance of the old crown returning is that because teams wont have 3rds for a few years, and those who want to display retro logos/jerseys will have to incorporate them into their regular set and thats why there are such good odds the Kings will debut a much more retro look. Yes their current 3rd has nothing retro about it but it does not mean they have not been thinking about changing it to something more retro since the purple and yellows have been sold the last few years.

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THE king?

I had no idea that The King sported a 2-finger ring. That's wack.

Since the thread starter can't be bothered to respond to several calls asking him to specify which team nicknamed "Kings" is considering changing their uniforms, I will not assume like GDI that he means the LA hockey team, and go on diverting his thread. Word to the wise, junior - read what people post in your thread; if you want info, give the people enough to work with.

Kings of Comedy?

Kings of Swing?

Kings College?

Kings Markets?

B.B. King?

Steven King?

King Koil?

King Kong?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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