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Help Bring Back The Jets


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I am not sure if any of you are aware of this site...as it has been in use since 2003. I recently saw this site and thought what a great idea it is and I should share it. Also the logo the have is very nice. I guess I should stop rambling on thought and tell you the site: http://www.jetsowner.com/index.htm

:flagcanada: BRING BACK THE JETS!!! :flagcanada:

"Cat Eyes" - Josh

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The Jets are coming back to Winnipeg just as soon as my beloved Whalers come back to Hartford.

That should be riiiiight about the same time I find out I have a winning $380 million Powerball ticket while engaged in passionate three-way relations with Jessica Biel and Elisha Cuthbert.

Crissakes, just enjoy your first-rate, top-tier minor league franchise like we here in Chicago do and get over it.

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By viewing this thread... Maz1960 sees what he would've become had the penguins moved to KC. He then immediately drops to his knees and thanks god for forbidding this to happen and preserving Maz's sanity.

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If I was the Commisioner, I would've made the owners of the Jets, Whalers, and Nordiques to leave thee colors, logo, uniforms, and history just like what the NFL did to the Browns. They should a team back before Carolina, Columbus, and Nashville and I'm sorry for the Hockey fan that I may have offended.

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The Black Plague has a better chance of coming back than the Jets to Winnipeg.

I'll take those chances!


Bubonic Plague Detected In 6 Colorado Counties

Domestic Cats Are Big Concern

POSTED: 6:03 am MDT April 25, 2006

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DENVER -- State health officials said the bubonic plague has been detected in animals in six Colorado counties, including in 10 cats that may have been infected through hunting and eating infected rodents.

John Pape is an epidemiologist with the state health department. He said that cats present a concern because pets that become severely ill could transmit the disease directly to their owners. Dogs and cats also could bring infected fleas into the home.

Counties that have detected the plague include Archuleta, Larimer, La Plata, Mesa, Montezuma and San Miguel.

Bubonic plague was detected in animals throughout the state last year and in three humans. Since being first documented in Colorado in 1957, nine people have died from the plague.

It usually takes from two to six days for plague to incubate, according to health officials. Typical symptoms include sudden onset of fever and chills, severe headache, muscle aches, nausea, vomiting and a general feeling of systemic illness. Lymph node pain and swelling is a suggestive symptom of bubonic plague.

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Well, I just donated all my life savings....

.... they'll be on the ice by next season right.....?

.... right?...

Enjoy your Darren Ford-autographed tee shirt.

People, Jetsowner.com has about as much chance of bringing the Jets back as I do of making the WNBA all-star team. Ford is a shameless self-promoter, who sees any mention of Winnipeg or the Jets in the media as a result of his "campaign" to return the NHL to Winnipeg.

While I'm at it, allow me to mention how stupid it is of the Manitoba Conservative party to promise that if elected to power in the upcoming general election, that they would return the NHL to Winnipeg. As if they could simply legislate a team into existence.

Grow up, Winnipeg.


Realistic Former Resident

Sweet children, the Jets left Winnipeg? Next you'll be telling me about the Colts leaving Baltimore.

Thanks for stealing one of my bits, you :censored:ing :censored:.

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There is a lot of mean-spirited and baseless mocking of this thread going on here. I'm really not sure why people are so against Winnipeg having a team back, but whatever.. to each his own.

I believe Winnipeg has a shot at getting NHL hockey back again, albeit a small one. A lot of things would have to fall into place pretty much perfectly for it to happen, but I think it's possible.

For one, there is a non-trivial chance that the Nashville Predators will be moving after next season unless local interest picks up. If that happens, where will they go? Kansas City is the obvious choice, as they need a tenant for the Sprint Center, however if the Supersonics move there first Winnipeg might just have an opening to land them.

I hear a lot of "It's never gonna happen" and "it'll never work in Winnipeg." These people are missing a key point - some teams are hemorrhaging money and the teams in these markets may be looking to move one day. Winnipeg is a city that is hungry for NHL hockey.

I'm not saying that the "Jets" are for sure coming back, but the chances are a lot higher than zero. After all, NHL hockey has flourished in places where it has failed before - Minnesota and Colorado being the best examples. If Kansas City were to get a team, they'd be in a similar situation.

As for the Conservative party of Manitoba making promises - I agree that it is ridiculous. But making promises you don't intend to keep is what politics is all about.

A link to the jetsowner site has been in my sig for a long long time.

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Winnipeg's brand-new, sparkling arena was built too small to realistically accommodate an NHL franchise as anything other than a holdover for a couple of seasons.

If Winnipeg wants an NHL franchise, they'll have to either build a bigger arena with the MTS Centre serving as a Cow Palace for a couple of seasons, or Winnipeg fans will have to maintain such a massive NHL hard-on that they'll be willing to pay $85 for the worst seats in the house and sell out the joint 41 times a year.

Why do I get the strange feeling this has all been said before, and some prefer to live in blissful ignorance?

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