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Abbotsford Heat unveils logo


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I think ripping off the Atlanta Flames would have been better than ripping off the Miami Heat. This can't last, can it? I realize that "Heat" choices are limited and they are on opposite ends of the continent, but similar wordmarks? That just looks too close for my tastes.

EDIT: After looking at the Miami Heat, it might not be as close as I first thought, but italicize it, add some random slashes and "serifs" a la Texas Rangers names and numbers and there you go.

The A alone makes it a bad choice in my opinion.

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You know I think the old Atlanta Flames logo, as unimaginative as that would have been, would have been better than this. :rolleyes:

On 8/1/2010 at 4:01 PM, winters in buffalo said:
You manage to balance agitation with just enough salient points to keep things interesting. Kind of a low-rent DG_Now.
On 1/2/2011 at 9:07 PM, Sodboy13 said:
Today, we are all otaku.

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A sketch of a concept from their site

12:00 Board room meeting development:

12:01 "Okay boys, we need a logo for our new hockey team. Let's put our creative minds together and develop a brand that is groundbreaking material."

12:03 "What would be our colors?"

12:04 "Something along the lines of Red, Black, and White, like our NHL club. Maybe add some gray to differentiate a bit. There we go."

12:06"How about the properties associated with the logo?"

12:07 "Well the logo should have Abbotsford in the name."

12:07"And Heat either in the nickname or personified as an image."

12:08 "Don't forget to include some hockey equipment, like a stick, puck, or goal, you know so fans can safely assume that this identity is for hockey and no other sport."

12:10 "Beautiful, looks like we have a professionally inspired club logo. Time for lunch."

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