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Springfield Armor


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What a :censored: ing disappointment. Saying they could have done way better would be an understatement.

Edit: I just read the attached article and apparently the name was the winner of an online poll. Whoever voted for that should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. WOW.

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my god...have they no decency?

this is getting bad...the Bighorns was such a nice brand too, but the 'Claws and now the Armor have taken the nosedive.

i imagine we can expect more of this for the Frisco brand. (the 14ers branding was SO awesome too!)

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that would have been pretty awesome. maybe a concept in the making?

Actually, they might be able to get away with using this mark because I'm not sure of this mark's status as a copyright or trademark. They'd probably only need a license from the National Park Service to us it. Here's the original armory coat of arms from the National Park Service website:


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Do I have to say anything? No. The designs are getting just plain ABAish at this point.

The NIFL thinks this logo is telliber(and THAT is saying something considering the NIFL had the most awful logos in recorded history). I hope to god some private equity firm buys the whole NBA just to shut the D-League and the WNBA down.

And for those who don't quite get why I'm saying telliber, you don't know your Monty Python's Flying Circus very well.

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