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Who has the best mask?


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Price or Luongo will win, all these TSN things turn into "YAY CANADA!!!"

I love Nabokov's mask, it's my personal favorite. Khabibulin's is nice as well but the latest edition is a little off I think. The Lightning goalies normally have some interesting looks with the colors and effects that tie into the team but Smith's has too many small details to be seen and I'm not sold on Niittymaki's yet. Both Masons have nice ones. Clemmensen has a sweet bucket this year too.

Best mask ever? Karri Ramo's exposed brain mask. Unique, distinctive, easily seen for what it was.

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I voted for Huet, but I also like Quick's mask. I like when goalies tie an element from their team's nickname into their mask.

who was the goalie who had Darth Vader's helmet on his mask last season?


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I voted for Mike Smith, but Semyon Varlamov and Patrick Lalime were also finalists for my vote.

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The answer is Chris Osgood. When you have some dopey overwrought self-aggrandizing airbrush-job on your face and you give up a bunch of goals, which you are eventually going to do no matter who you are, you look like a putz. Best to let your goaltending speak for itself.

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