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Seems To Be A New Ccslc Fad


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I noticed it first from JQK.

As I posted in the requests thread, it's a good idea to copy them off into your own webspace and load them from there, as not to overload his bandwidth.

Buy some t-shirts and stuff at KJ Shop!

KJ BrandedBehance portfolio


POTD 2013-08-22

On 7/14/2012 at 2:20 AM, tajmccall said:

When it comes to style, ya'll really should listen to Kev.

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i dont follow fads.... :)

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i used to have a flag at maddenmania, and on the old board i had a temple flag briefly. i'm glad to see they finally got around to making an Avs flag :D


A strong mind gets high off success, a weak mind gets high off bull🤬

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I thought I'd take full advantage of these!


Utah Jazz Retired Number's

#1 - Frank Layden - #7 Pete Maravich - #12 John Stockton - #14 Jeff Hornacek - #35 Darrell Griffith - #53 Mark Eaton

Retired Number's To Come

#00 The Bear (Best Mascot In NBA) - #4 Adrian Dantley - #32 Karl "The Mailman" Malone

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There doesn't happen to be a template there to make your own, does there?

There's a brief explaination as to how they're made.

I was able to whip one up in ajust a few minutes using Illustrator and a copy of Microsoft Gif Animator. But I can't show it yet... it's part of the surprise.

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