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23 Logos with Hidden Messages


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I never saw the W in the Northwest logo. I got that the little arrow pointed to the Northwest, but had to look hard to "see" the W. Sorta like the M in the expos logo.

I still can;t see it. Can someone help me out?


the arrow pointing NW in the compass forms the W, negative space between the NW arrow and the N

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Great article. Many are old ones, but there's a few new ones for me.

Also, forgive me, but I noticed something else in the middle of this one too...


Not surprising since there was also a Mex restaurant called Chi Chi's.

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Ah, the NW 'point' logo. Ref the above, I didn't realize there was a precedent for this style logo with NW:


Now, I always liked the 'nwa circle' version...


...except for how it was depicted on the right side of the tail. Yeah, yeah, I know it's a triangle so it still points NW but the placement in the upper right quadrant of the circle still suggests it's pointing northeast and that always bugged me. As is evident is this pic, they could have stayed with the logo on the one plane and just enlarged it into the "huge partial" style while keeping the NW and triangle in it. Note also the one-off plane in the pic has the full red tail while the others have the half-red.


Best of all, they could have stuck with their trademark look, the plain red tail:


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So they include two sports logos (Brewers ball-in-glove and Whalers) but not the Minnesota Wild primary (animal head doubling as woodland scene)? Fail.

Or the Atlanta Falcons logo forming an "F", or the Houston Texans logo in the shape of a "T".

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