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Yet another Toronto Blue Jays concept


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This is how I would shut people up on bringing back the Blue, while keeping their current identity set.

Overall changes:

Kept number font the same on all jerseys (except throwback)

Got rid of the stupid nameplate font

Added sleeve piping

Home Uniform - Added blue in number font & cap bill

There's something about the number font that really stands out under this treatment. I love it.


Away Uniform - The return of Graphite road uniforms... cause they're awesome.

I really like contrasting a Blue-heavy light home look with a Black-heavy dark away look.


Home Alternate 1 - The return of the Blue Alternates

On the fence the most about these. Is it too light of a Blue to use so excessively?


Home Alternate 2 - Throwback to 1992

This will geek-up all the passive "Why can't we be more like it was in 1992?" fanbase that's far too common here.


Away Alternate - Tweaking the Black Alternate

As much as most of you hate these, they sell well here & IMO only needs tweaking to look great.


I haven't done a concept in a LONG time. Am I out of touch, or am I close to finally fixing the design cluster!@#$ that is my Toronto Blue Jays?

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I really don't think the throwback is neccasary, considering it would bring the jersey total up to 5. But I really love what you've done here, graphite is extremely underrated. B) But with that being said, I would change the TORONTO script on the graphite jersey to blue with a black outline. And I would put a TORONTO script on the black alt, considering it's a road alt.

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I really like this but i'm not sold on the black hat/blue brim at home. I think the all blue hat might look better at home, and if you want to keep the black hat/blue brim it might look good on the road uniform.

Agreed. If you're gonna go the route of making black the dominant color in the road set, you might as well make blue the dominant color of the home set by making the hat blue.

Other than that, this is very close to how I want the Blue Jays to look. Great job on the home alt.

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The graphite road jersey pretty much eliminates the need for you to even have the black in this set at all. You may want to change the colour of the numbers on that jersey, too, because the grey is just too dark for black numbers. Maybe blue?

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I really don't think the throwback is neccasary...

Yes it is. i love their throwbacks.

Yeah, I'm kind of in the minority in being against throwbacks. Old fashion based sets: fine. But I just feel like you should either go 100% modern, 100% retro, or mixed in all uniform combos.

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I think this needs more blue, especially to justify the black road alt. The home cap should be blue, possibly with a black brim, but I'd prefer solid blue, like the home alt. I also think that the blue is bright enough to complement the graphite on the roads. The black type doesn't look that different from the graphite. Paired with a blue hat (graphite/black brim optional), the set would say "Blue Jays", be innovative, and work with graphite at the same time.

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I'm glad that you actually didn't jump on the "black is evil" bandwagon. Do they need black in their identity? No, but then again neither does any other sports team that exists. I've grown to accept black as part of their identity... for however long it lasts. Kudos for keeping it original, in that it keeps black (most concepts completely get rid of black).

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Okay, here are my revisions:

(And for the record, the Black is staying. The apparel sells very well here in Toronto, so it's going nowhere. Deal with it.)

No changes to the Home Alt & Throwback.

There are two types of Blue Jays fans. There are the ones that are genuine fans of the game of baseball, and then there's the nostalgia dorks. These are the same dopes who can't go a conversation about the team without going on about 1992 & 1993. These are mainly the ones who complain the most about the Black in the uniforms, yet they still buy the stuff. The throwbacks are meant to pander to these dummies.




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A few thoughts from a diehard, as you know:


Your update is nearly perfect. I would suggest making the NOB blue. What about adding a white panel to the front of the blue hat, a nod to the old caps?


Have you tried the solid blue hats with this set? I don't like that you removed the front numbers.


Perfect. These could be worn for Sunday afternoon games only.

Blue Alt


Black Alt

I also don't think this is necessary. I think the reason it sells so well is that people want to wear a coloured jersey other than white or grey. The blue alt accomplishes this, and I don't think teams should have more than 4 uniforms (Looking at you, Milwaukee, Houston, Minny)

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Blue NOBs on the home jersey is Blue overkill. The lettering the way it is makes the Blue numbers stand out more.

And the Black hats are staying on the roads. They're too popular, and I love the contrast between that and the Blue hat at home.

The reason I removed the numbers from the front of the away jersey is that the number font clashes with the TORONTO font when put together. I wanted to keep them there, but my want of consistency of number font won over.

Also, the reason I made a separate Black away alt is because the Blue jerseys just didn't look right with grey pants.

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It'd be worth a try, IMO. I hate how teams wear pants that clash with their colored jerseys.

Colored pants are terrible in baseball the same way the leotard look is terrible in football, head to toe monochrome looks gawd awful. If it was guaranteed that every player would wear the pants hiked up with differing colored socks, that'd be one thing. But not every player does that nor is every player going to. They were novelty items in the 70's, the only decade they would ever work for. The way back 20's, 30's and before were classic versions in which every player wore them the same aformentioned hiked up style. Today? No.

And Braden, I'm no Blue Jays fan by any means, but I would rather see them ditch black altogether. That being said, your most recent update is probably the best way to move back towards blue while keeping the black and gray.

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