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Minnesota Vikings Uniform Concept...


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ok... i know some of you are going to jump on me for adding black here, but i felt the logo was going to have a lot of black (it already has black on the real logo, anyway), so to help tie that in, i had to use some in the uniforms.

the uniform design is a little modern, and untraditional, and in real life, i probably wouldn't want them to change their uniforms THIS drastically :) but what's the fun in making a concept that's only a slight modification? in real life, i'd just take the current vikes unis, and place a little bit of purple or black between the white and yellow, as well as use my own updated logo (as seen above).

ok... now onto my uniform concepts:



any and all comments or suggestions are welcome.....

and yes... i'm aware that the colors look like the ravens.


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Not bad, not bad at all. I like the updates to the logos, for sure. Might be a little too much black on the jerseys, might swap the black and gold trim on the purple to give the gold more emphasis, since it's been their secondary colour for so long (though I see you've changed it to a more metallic gold, rather than the yellow gold they use now).

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I like them. My only suggestions are to either outline the helmet logo with white or to lighted the purple overall. I just feel like the black gets lost in the sauce a little bit on the helmet.

Also, in the NFL, teams are required to have white socks, so the purple ones wouldn't work.

But like I said, I like it and I think it would be a good update for the Vikings. I just wish I had a brainstorm on how to make this less Raven-ish.

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I like your concept, but there are a couple of changes I would like to see:

  • On the road uniforms, get rid of the purple pants and go with either white or gold, and you even use gold as a home pant color, and maybe even go daring on the road unis with black-topped socks. One critic back in the 1960's viewed the Vikings' white-and-purple combo as "half-dyed Easter eggs." (I didn't say it BTW, SyPhi.) The jersies in the modern NFL these days have what is known as a "wordmark" about half-an-inch below the point of the v-neck. Maybe if you use either one the team uses [the NFL stenciled one or the the old-school Nordic-style] or create a whole new wordmark utilizing the font on the numbers of the jersies, this will make it another first class design.
  • I do not see an NFL shield on the helmet nor the "NFL Equipment" logo on the front of the V-neck of the jersey and the left thigh of the pants with the Reebok vectors on both jersey sleeves and the right thigh of the pants.
  • I do like the pants striping, though. It's a very stylized striping, and I think you did a great job on it.
  • How about an third [alternate] jersey, maybe in black with gold, white and purple trim?

Otherwise, you may have a winner when the Vikes move to their new stadium in 2008 or 2009.

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I like the idea. First look at the concept I think Baltimore

My thoughts exactly. It's the number typeface that reminds me of the Ravens. I don't mind the update, but i can't get past the idea that it looks like Baltimore.

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anyone like the update to the logo? it's not drastic, but if you compare it to the current logo, i think it could be a successful update.

I like the update. I think it looks quite nice.


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it's alright...gotta dock my rating cus it's the Viqueens, though :P

seeing as the Ravens wear a black helmet, i don't really see how this is 'Raven-like'


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seeing as the Ravens wear a black helmet, i don't really see how this is 'Raven-like'

I think it's more of the color scheme on the jersey than anything. Primarily purple with black and metallic gold accents.

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So9rry but I'm not feelin' em, probably just because I love tradition, but I also think the jerseys are too dull. you need something else besides just the number and under arm things, like a sleeve logo or something. They jerseys are also a little too Atlanta Falcons for me. Plus, I'm not sure how well the black would show up on a dark purpe jersey/helmet. Props for trying though.

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Its okay Cole but there is one concept I would highly recommend.......

Awhile back, someone made a wicked futurisitc upgrade to the ole Viking. Everything was all sharpened, made symmetrical and squared up in the logo. The Vikes hair even formed a hidden "M" in the logo.

Where's that concept and who did it?

That's one concept that seriously needs to be "overnighted" to the Vikes office in a hurry. I'm sure they would use that logo for a fresher update in a heartbeat..........

EDIT: As for the uniforms, with all that black going, they look like futuristic updates to the Ravens gear.........

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