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Chief's "Classics Reborn" series


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After I rehabilitated the 1912 Jayhawk, seen here:


I decided to go through with my plans to start a series of modernizing old logos. The classics, the never-used, the were-going-to-be-used-but-they-got-sued... all will be represented in this thread. I've been inspired by the works I've seen here (various members modernizing the Minnesota Viking, Bucco Bruce, Brownie, etc.) and I'm going to try my hand at it.

First up, we have the unused Jacksonville Jaguar. I believe the story is that they were sued by Jaguar Motors for the similarities. My goal is to better distinguish it from THAT logo by incorporating Jacksonville's current identity into it. The original is above (obviously) and mine is below. Your C&C is much adored and appreciated:




Don't know how I feel about this one. This is, of course, the TCU Horned Frog, and I love the plump little fellow. I tried not to interrupt too much of the original, but at the same time, he needs a bit of streamlining. Still, in all the smoothing out, you have to keep that spiky look. Also, I think he looks kinda "derp" with his overbite, so I gave him a pretty smile. He looks like a trouble-maker now. And I gave him littler feet, because they accentuate his fat body, which makes me happy.


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Wow. Thanks for the comments. I'll be sifting through all your suggestions and revisiting the finished logos once I've completed the project... or, when I get sick of it. Anyway, the TCU Horned Frogs are up next, seen above.

Keep the comments flowing!

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Don't be afraid of altering further than you have. The Kansas one is a good update, but you have further to go on TCU and JAX.

I think you're absolutely right. I went ahead and completed the frog, then when I posted it side-by-side with the original, I thought, "You know, it's ALMOST just a straight vectorization with slight tweaks." I have some ideas for different poses I could sketch for his body.

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