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polish football feration new logo


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An update was probably needed, especially with Poland co-hosting Euro 2012 though. The style of this looks way too "FIFA" to me for lack of a better term. It looks like what you'd see from a World Cup logo. I think it's something that could look dated pretty quickly. With that being said, I still like the logo but think they could have done something better. And I'll almost certainly be getting a shirt with this on it next year.

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I like it, but it does looks a lot like Israel and Ireland's crests.


same designer for all three?

I hadn't seen that new Israel crest. Holy ripoff Batman!

Old v. New:


Huge update. I love the gold treatment.

Agreed. The old logo looked kind of "off." The eagle certainly didn't evoke the Polish eagle to me. The new one does. It does look a little like Ireland's, but in the sense that it's done in the same aesthetic, rather then being a complete ripoff, like Israel's.

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