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Every MLB cap logo since 1950


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Very cool but at least one mistake. The A's never wore the third from the right logo on field. And the "sunbeam" elephant logo was for spring training only.

Yes they did. Current BP cap. The A's one on the far right has never been worn on a cap.

I like the whole thing. On field and BP caps are cool for this. I like it!

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Can anyone tell me what years the interlocking MB Brewers logo was worn?

1994-1996 I think...


That last one (the state logo) is stictly BP. Not aware that they ever wore the BP caps in an actual game.

And if you're counting throwbacks, the Brewers have worn 1950s Milwaukee Braves caps and minor league Brewer caps from the 1940s and 1920s.

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What's with the striped Cardinals interlocking STL?

I've never seen that before

They and several NL teams wore striped pillbox caps in 1976 to celebrate the NL's 100th Anniversary.

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The NY YANKEES HIGHLANDERS from 1903 is missing, in fact I believe that they had a few different ones before officially changing their name in the 1910s


Also, I thought the DODGERS had more logos on their caps while still in Brooklyn.

Nice collection BTW

1903 is before 1950

besides many hats from the early 20th century did not have any logos on them at all

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I tried to include all the BP/ST logos as well, hence the extra couple A's logos among other things.

I thought the Royals had a grey cap but I didn't include it because it's not on the CCSL Mothership or Dressed to the Nines. Someone put up a photo so I can confirm that actually existed? (lol)

And the post clearly says "since 1950", hence the missing Highlanders logo. A lot of teams didn't have a set logo for multiple years back then, and none of those older logos are really available in high-quality. So I used 1950 as my cutoff.

I also didn't want to start including one-time throwbacks, stars & stripes, TATC, and other such promotions.

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This is absolutely fantastic. Great job.

Just one question: Didn't the Kansas City A's also wear a navy blue cap with a red interlocking KC in block letters without serifs? I seem to remember that from baseball cards.

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