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Any requests?

I don't really have requests, but when I saw your description of this series I thought of several teams from various sports that would be interesting to see. Some examples are the Colts, Packers, Yankees, St. Louis Cardinals, as well as several college teams.

Make the A's look GOOD in black. And Nebraska.

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I was thinking more around the lines of hockey jerseys of teams that don't have any black whatsoever. I not really used of doing other sports concepts, so I'll stick to that before the list becomes of requests becomes too long.

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Having fun at the expense of some teams that have no buisness having black in their scheme, let alone a black jersey. :P

But the truth is that I can make anything look good!


Worst nightmare right there. Also, Detroit has no business with that stripe pattern.

I'd say do the Habs. You know, for revenge. :P

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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