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NFL's 100th Anniversary


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I don't think the NFL would ever remove their letters from their logo (they're so brand-oriented that it's ridiculous sometimes. See "little green stickers on the back of radio helmets") or else I'd say to go with that one, because it's the most aesthetically pleasing.

Of the rest, the third is definitely my favorite. Using the football as a zero is a nifty little feature that the NFL would be all over.

The one other suggestion I can think of, because I like seeing the big 100 so much, is to take that logo and put the NFL in the blue section, and see what it looks like.

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On the top of what? The football? Please, use your words because I still have no idea what you're talking about.

yep the top of the football. it would look great!

I still don't know what you want.

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I guess my question now is, by itself, does the logo work as a patch, or does it need something added to it?

It might need a white outline on it in some situations, but I think it works.

I plan on having a white outline. Thanks for your help and input, I appreciate it.

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I like this one the best but just because 50 was done this way it doesn't dictate 100 goes that way. Look at 75.

For what it's worth, the 75th Anniversary logo wasn't very good. Not for recognizability, not for reproduction, not for aesthetics. It goes back to the fact that people simplified the process and execution of design to its core functionality and got better results in the 60s than they did in the 90s.

That said, I like the one with the 100 in the upper portion of the shield, and I know I'd like the one with 100 in the lower part if the 100 was able to fit the shape of the shield like NFL does. I think using the football as the 0 is a bit too cutesy.

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I prefer this one actually, the negative space forms kind of a 'crown' shape.

That one is a very close second for me.

Once again, here's another one haha. I tried to shape it to the shield as andrewharrington suggested. I had to change fonts, and it may still need some work, but let me know what you guys think.


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