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2012-2013 FC Barcelona Kit


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Does anyone know Spanish well enough to read the accompanying text? I'd be pretty surprised if these are legit. The template used is horrible in its lack of detail - as are all of the rest of the templates on that page. No way anyone at Nike actually created that file. The only way it's legit is if someone saw the kits in person and, unable to take a phone-cam pic, re-created them as best as they could.

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that looks like a fantasy kit design (because it is): http://www.footballshirtculture.com/fantasy-kit-design/fantasy-kit-design/fc-barcelona-2012-13-16612.html

Interestingly, the description says: "I tried to do it realistic, but it was difficult. Today newspapers said it\'s gonna be something like this. I don\'t think so, but... i wanted to try."

And here are the fake alts: new_fc_barcelona_kits_for_2012-13_20120120_1662656376.jpg

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