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Defunct College Teams


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Why did Wisconsin ever get rid of baseball?

Title IX played a role, but mostly because schools in the upper midwest and northeast are at a huge disadvantage when it comes to baseball. Most of those states don't see "baseball weather" until May when the college baseball regular season is pretty much over. That's why nearly all the teams you see in the College World Series are from the south or the west coast.

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Officials at the college, whose 2,100 students make it the size of some high schools, decided last year to eliminate the athletic department. The college had 80 athletes spread across seven sports, but the athletic budget was roughly $900,000 for the 2012-13 academic year — from an overall operating budget of roughly $100 million.

“I was startled,” Spelman’s president, Beverly Tatum, said. “It seemed like a lot of money for 80 students.”

The highly unusual move by Spelman comes when few institutions seem to be able to resist the lure of intercollegiate sports, even as one scandal after another has tarnished the reputations of universities throughout the country.

The decision to shut down Spelman’s athletic program followed the announced intention of several colleges to leave the Great South, meaning the conference would have too few members to remain viable. For Spelman, joining another conference would have meant incurring higher travel costs, making improvements to the college’s athletic sites and fielding teams in additional sports.

While watching a basketball game in the Jaguars’ 62-year-old gymnasium, where a shorter-than-regulation court has necessitated a waiver from the N.C.A.A., Dr. Tatum began to wonder what the players would do for exercise after their eligibility expired.

Dr. Tatum had become alarmingly aware of data showing that young black women were prone to diabetes, heart disease and other ailments linked to poor diet and exercise. Observing candles being lighted on campus at 10-year reunions in memory of alumnae who had died was chilling and revealing.

A remedy seemed obvious: disband N.C.A.A.-level sports and reallocate the money devoted to them toward establishing a wellness program that could take advantage of the college’s gym, courts and fields.

The college’s board of trustees approved the plan a year ago. The difficult part was informing the administrators, coaches and athletes. Sports has long maintained an integral, if muted, role at Spelman since its establishment 132 years ago in a church basement. So Dr. Tatum was neither capricious nor joyful with her decision to discontinue sports. The university’s seven teams learned their fate last year at an emotional assembly.

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Title IX. Probably any that get listed here are that if they are men's sports.

Except Vermont Football:


Were they the Catamounts back then too? Is that what the helmet logo is?


J M yoU wish you had a Duke Dog!

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Santa Clara football... with two Rose Bowl and an Orange Bowl victory to their credit...


fun fact: Brent Jones was a SC alum and I think it was the fall of '94 they announced the cancellation of the program, the niners subsequently won the sb and he made it to the pro bowl so in tribute he wore a SC decal on his niners helmet in the pro bowl game.

nice tribute.

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