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Atlanta Falcons (FINAL ITERATION)

Brave-Bird 08

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I've posted versions of this concept probably a hand full of times in the past, and each time I've received feedback that has pushed me toward what I believe is an optimal iteration of the idea.

Some notable final tweaks:

- custom number font that aligns more with the 'FALCONS' team script.

- solid red helmet, rather than gradient helmet (which was attempted last time)

Q: Do you guys like the red jersey, or black jersey as the primary?

Let me know what you guys think. I've already posted over in r/Falcons and the folks over there seem to love it.



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I'm starting to feel that more, too. Red/Black/White seemed too natural because so many have said they prefer that over the Black/Red/White that the team has now, but in this design I feel like the Red/Red/White and Red/Red/Black work really well together.

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Count me as a fan of the red jersey as a primary. I think this is great except for a couple of things. The first is the socks. Its a pet peeve of mine but i really think they should be striped. I cant stand solid tops, but thats not a big deal

The aecond is the red helmet. I dont like it as a primary helmet if they were to continue to wear their throwback uniform, which teams should be doing next year with no helmet issues.

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A few ideas:

-Make the sleeve color the same color as the rest of the jersey.

-If you're going to use the new logo I suggest using a black helmet. The old logo could have worked with either red or black, but the new motion digital bird looks best on a black helmet, or against anything black

-Consider using the angled, Falcon feather stripe you used everywhere else on the helmet also.

-Agreed with the previous poster who said the outlines on the numbers could be thickened.

-Something I'd suggest not only for this concept but for what the Falcons actually wear: red socks with the road whites. Wearing black socks at home--which you've done here--and red socks on the road would look better for all sets.

-Red or black as the primary? For this set black is the best look, but I suggest making red the primary. The black can be used for big or special games. The black is more likely to lose its luster if you wore it eight times a year every year than the red is.

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I would suggest narrowing the stripe on the helmet to match the narrowing of the stripes on the jersey and pants. Also add a pair of red pants as I believe a red-black-red combo would look amazing.

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