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Seattle Supersonics Modernization (Complete) - Alternates


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A couple years ago in the "Unpopular Opinions" thread, I mentioned that this is my favorite Sonics logo:


I don't know what it is about it that I love so much. I like the fact that it actually represents the team's namesake (Supersonic jets developed by Boeing), the 60's simplicity of the design, and its sweeping motion of the jetstream. Of course, it has its problems, like the lack of yellow, the non-matching lettering font, and the over-simplicity of the jet and Space Needle (itself a landmark of the "Zeerust" aesthetic). So, I have updated it. I've shortened the jet stream to give the logo a more manageable size, switched the font to better reflect the two-color system, replaced all of the white with yellow, modified the Seattle Sounders' Space Needle graphic to provide better perspective to the building and give it more overall weight in the composition, and switched the dark green to kelly green (the color scheme used during the Sonics' most successful period of the late 70's through the 90's). The jet is based on the conceptual Boeing 2707. Here it is, in comparison to an SRGB-enhanced version of the original logo. It's only meant as a proof-of-concept, as it has yet to be properly polished.


Also, I have updated the classic skyline logo to fit in with the new primary and reflect some of the buildings built after the original's debut:


C+C is appreciated.

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Thanks for the C+C guys. Here are the two main logos with a darker kelly green (Pantone 349, the shade of kelly green used by the Jaworski-era Eagles).



Also, here is a full logo sheet, as a little preview for my next league redesign (which apparently takes place in the Mega Man universe, given that date):


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I appreciate that logo because it actually features the namesake of the team, but as a logo it just doesn't look that great. You made nice updates to make it modern but I think your updated skyline logo is superior. Not that you have to as this is your concept, but if you could incorporate the jet into the skyline logo that would be amazing. Have it flying above the skyline or something.

Overall solid work here.

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Primary logo is getting too big and crowded with wordmark and jet. Don't use them, make more clean and simple primary logo. Looking forward for jerseys and court desings.





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Freakin awesome. I LOVE that primary, but it is too big and busy.

I do know why you did it though.

The secondary is better as far as a primary logo goes, but doesn't scream 'Supersonics'. It's a stationary city skyline. Maybe incorporate the somehow into that, or clean up the current primary you have.

All in all, very, very impressive.


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Thanks for the C+C guys. I wasn't really too sure about making it a primary because of its cumbersome size. I can see that my suspicions were confirmed. So, I decided to take the skyline logo and add the Boeing 2707 to it. I got the idea from a Rockets concept I did a couple of years ago, and I modified it to fit its inspiration.


A full logo sheet and court will be coming soon.

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