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Memphis Grizzlies to change color scheme?


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from 3sob.com:

Today, all across #GrizzNation, season ticket holders got home from work to find their 2014/2015 renewal package waiting for them. The package directs season ticket holders to a new website for renewing tickets. Setting aside my mild disappointment that I can no longer brag about my $5 tickets (which are now $7 tickets), the package hints at something big in the works for the Grizzlies 15th anniversary season in 2015/2016.

While there are not any specifics, one thing stands out – the color scheme. Indeed, the Grizzlies anniversary season “teaser” (aka Memph15) is BLACK & GOLD! See for yourself:


Also, the renewal packet includes a metal…golf bag tag (?)…in the same style:


While the team has not made any official announcement, word is that the “new look” was personally designed by team owner Robert Pera. I’m told that Pera hopes to make the color scheme permanent, though it is unclear whether any final decision has been made about whether (or when) such a change will occur.
Would be some crazy news if true, though I kinda like the Grizz as the 3-blue team, as it ties in to the "blues" scene in Memphis. We'll see!
ps: here's a screenshot from the renewal website:
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I wouldn't put any stock in this being a sign of the color change. It kind of goes with the whole Christmas day uniform trend of having single-color promo material.

but to not have any blue anywhere, and not having black previously, this looks like it could be leading to a change

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But with the focal point being the eyes, I don't see it. Black's pretty much neutral for promos like this, plus if they were to use the navy, the eyes wouldn't have the impact.

And let's remember that the Lakers added a black uniform, so there's precedent for using black for other applications other than a wholesale change.


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I actually like the idea of a black-yellow-white scheme, but if Toronto does indeed change to Gold-black-white like it was rumored before (I think; remember seeing something about it and Drake), we'd have two teams with similar schemes.

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Like the NBA don't already have multiple teams with similar schemes...

...Anyway, in my perfect world the Grizz would find some way to incorporate brown into their blues. But failing that, I really think they oughtta explore a more vibrant hue of blue behind which to base their look...maybe something like the Detroit Lions' Honolulu blue or something.

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Double blue got so overused so fast... it's no surprise many are pulling back. The Nuggets have a similar scheme, and I prefer they keep it.

Going black and gold would be fine for Memphis ... I could see them using this anniversary as a reason to merge the two schemes.

I wish they had played up brown and red and lost or minimized the teal when they moved from Vancouver rather than follow the trend.

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I got my season ticket renewal today. It wasn't a golf tag but a "pass", similar to one we get with the season tickets to wear around a lanyard, which gave info about going on a website and renewing for next year.

It feels like a test balloon to me to see what the fan base would think about a color scheme change. The mailing and the website have more of a recoloring vibe than a "were going to have a 15th anniversary jersey" vibe.

I think it's the new owner trying to put his mark on the team.

Personally, I'm not a fan of the idea. The blue color scheme is a homage to Memphis and blues music. Plus, there's always people wearing Grizzlies stuff at Tigers games and Tigers stuff at Grizzlies games and while the blues aren't exact, they're close enough that they match in a crowd of fans. As people have said here before, if someone doesn't have team gear they will usually try to wear team colors (except my oblivious friend, bless her heart, who wore a black shirt last spring to a playoff game against the Spurs, not knowing the team we were playing). If the colors change, then you have a mix of fans wearing old stuff and new for awhile until people buy new stuff. Of course, merchandise sales is exactly what they want, but having a competitive team takes care of that.

I'd love for them to go old school and have one court for both teams like Marquette and the Bucks used to do, but I know that won't happen. They each have their own separate court.

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