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  2. Having seen their operation up close, my pick would have to be Phoenix. They have a great ownership group, an incredible fan base, and are working on getting a new stadium. They’re the bid that’s most similar to Sacramento’s bid IMO. I have a bit of a soft spot for their operation. Charlotte has the the cash and the ownership heft (which in reality is all that matters, sadly) but they haven’t put in the time yet. I say let them come with 31 or 32.
  3. Zion underwent surgery Monday on his right meniscus. Out 6-8 weeks.
  4. There is no clear choice for #30 is there?
  5. Yes, but it was VERY subtle. They removed a few outlines here and there, and dropped the championship star that was added on after the first season. I'll try to post an example later today, as it's somewhat difficult to find online. Edit: Here we go. The left is the jersey crest from 2018, while the right is the one from this current season.
  6. And the UM fans are taking it out on a kid who brought them back into the ball game. Adults can be so childish sometimes.
  7. That's been my take as well. Though I like the Nets' gray graffiti and Bulls' pinstripes jerseys.
  8. Wow crazy amount of alternates this week. Jets Pats is going to look good under the lights. Much better than all black vs navy.
  9. How about we just have a Oregon Ducks a Football Uni thread? It make this less a issue and people and can still debate about it.
  10. 3 more years until they can change back to these beauties? Classics for them.
  11. I don’t know where you’re buying caps, but stores around me are the complete opposite. On field caps are the only options, with the only fashion caps being the grayscale versions which take up a row or two compared to an entire wall of on field replicas
  12. Painful game for me, but visually great uniforms, both teams.
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  14. It's beyond a shame that so many communities have fallen sway to the siren song of landing an affiliated minor league baseball team and committed public monies to the construction of ballparks that primarily benefit privately-held franchises. Worse still that the MLB parent clubs have, through the MiLB facility standards that they've insisted upon, pitted communities against one another in a ceaseless race to keep, or secure, an affiliated farm team. All of that said, its unconscionable that the powers-that-be in MLB would so callously advocate for the elimination of affiliated teams in markets - such as those I cited up-thread - where millions of dollars in public funding have fairly recently been spent to either upgrade existing ballparks or build brand new ones. Frankly, I'd love to see professional baseball's antitrust exemption be given a thorough examination by the Congressional delegations from the states/districts which will be significantly impacted by MLB's proposed reorganization of affiliated minor league ball.
  15. The best unveils this offseason have been throwbacks. Take that as you will.
  16. They could be better, could be worse, some are great, some aren't.
  17. Long Island University leak Love those colors. And the number font matches the logo, unlike the football team.
  18. Yikes, dude consistently comes here providing detailed updates for most of the west-coast teams but heaven forbid he add in some fan commentary on the uniforms. This thread has been exhausting lately, and yes, I am a Ducks fan. Sue me. Isn't the whole point of this thread to have a discussion on CFB uniforms? If you like one, say so, and if you don't like one, say so; but straight up trying to call someone out for being a fan of his teams uniforms is another level of ridiculous. Every week we get the same tired 'Oregon ruined CFB' argument going in the comments. Can we just go back to discussing individual uniforms civilly?
  19. Umpires to Wear “Coop” Patch in 2019 World Series October 21, 2019 - 20:52 PM Major League Baseball this afternoon announced that all umpires working during the upcoming 2019 World Series will wear a memorial “COOP” patch on their uniforms in honour of umpire Eric Cooper. Cooper, who had been a Major League umpire for […] Read More...
  20. Kinda reminds me of last year, the Cowboys were coming off of a dreary Monday Night loss to the Titans and at home. Then the next week at Philly on the Sunday Night game, go out and hit Philly in the mouth. It seems like the Eagles always have a great run defense, except when they play Dallas.
  21. That's fair. I didn't look closely enough at the two to see. The uniforms you've got for this concept though, kick ass.
  22. Unless there's been a recent shift, our current badge is going to be the MLS badge as well. It was tweaked last year just slightly, but one of the things they did was remove the registered trademark symbol from the primary graphic. I've been told it's because they felt that the brand was strong enough to protect, but I have my suspicion that the reason the mark was even altered in the first place was to facilitate its use in MLS. That would be a bit of a departure from what MLS has done in the past, but really, this entire expansion process has been a departure from how things are usually done. I'd be a bit surprised if MLS insisted on us making any type of wholesale changes to our crest at this point, but who really knows? Our current crest is immensely popular around the Sacramento area, and I sort of think they recognize the power of our brand. Forcing a change to it when it's already as well established as it is (It's been nearly a decade since this brand was first introduced) could be a mistake.
  23. Made some tweaks: changed the fonts, added space between each cell and adjusted some of the slashes.
  24. Again, nobody is denying the marketing of on-field gear. That's not the point here. The point here is that people who wouldn't buy certain authentic gear because it's "too flashy" just aren't the same type of folks who wouldn't buy fashion caps because it's not authentic. There's plenty of money to be made from both authentic AND fashion gear. There's no need for teams to tailor their look around what people wear outside in this day and age. Quite the opposite.
  25. A team being named the Unicorns? Where am I, a Brandiose-led MILB thread? Jokes aside, I wish there was a concept for a small school brand built around unicorns from the 70s.
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