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  2. A Stanley Cup rematch 49 years in the making. Have we seen anything like this happen before? Will this be the longest championship rematch of all time? (Between meetings)
  3. I don’t like the Dolphins throwbacks. They are inferior to their current uniforms.
  4. Don't worry guys, I got this.
  5. The final expansion team that Goddell's last initiative produced and it was no secret that the NFL had wanted to put an NFL team in Toronto, heck the Bills were about to be relocated before the owner that made the idea died and it was shelved permanently... but this didn't stop Goddell at all, the 3rd announced team expansion was Toronto although EA are real idiots for their three choices. Thunderbirds? That belongs to St Louis, seriously it does.... A Thunderbird is part of the midwest and St Louis works. Huskies? Pffffft Nope. Mounties? F No that's just lame. So I went in a different direction originally and chose one of the CFL teams... in particular the Argonauts as at the time their attendance levels were deathly low thus it provided the NFL with an opening that they had to make and it made shockwaves throughout the sporting world.... they would fund a new 60,000+ indoor stadium in exchange for allowing the new Toronto team to use the Argonauts and share the success of one of Canada's proudest teams. CFL needed the money, they weren't shameless. And so we introduce... THE TORONTO ARGONAUTS HOME Originally I used the A logo with the shield as the helmet but I wanted to improve that idea so I went with the Mid 90's Argonauts logo coloured with the double blue... someone created it and I liked it, so I credit that person and used it as the helmet..... Oxford Blue and Cambridge Blue alongside the traditional stripings. ROAD Argonauts like to use the White Road so mix up the Oxford Blue in place of the white lettering and used the double blue stripings. ALTERNATE This is actually still the Double Blue they use, except it's in different shades ((Oxford is the darker blue and Cambridge is the greenish blue)) and I figured that is the best way to keep it traditional and yes that blue looks green... it's still part of their history. RETRO Nothing screams Argonauts than BOAT! Seriously that boat looks cool and so I decided to combine two previous Retro kits from the 00's and use the lighter blue as the base of the concept, with the pant stripes now in triples... the helmet's white with lighter blue face mask. BIG CITY Nothing screams Big CIty than bad colours from different times, so Adidas decided to use the actual colours from the mid 90's concept and created a Teal and Grey concept that has a Teal helmet with Grey facemask, white striping in places and I tried to make it presentable... I did.
  6. Old nfl uniforms are just the best, like they capture some aesthetic Atleast for me, that no other uniforms capture, especially the 60s and 70s. Maybe the best type of uniforms to ever exist. That and early 20th century baseball.
  7. 10 point lead at halftime for Toronto in a critical Game 4. #eatthebucks (Raptors eat meat, so that's not a typo.)
  8. This team will never not be run by complete morons. McCoy isn't only a better player than Suh at this stage, he's also probably cheaper.
  9. Today
  10. I was hoping it would be a longsnapper, personally. Just a silhouette of a bent over fat guy.
  11. When I was 10 I chose the Bills over the Jets/Giants mostly because they did not have a lame "wordmark" logo on their helmet. This was the late 70's, when they had the white helmets. But, the other big one was when the USFL came around and I chose to ignore my NY roots and blow off the Generals in favor of the Breakers. That was 100% due to their helmets.
  12. And the most tactical position too.
  13. RiverDragons is just a hair shy of being called MountainSharks, SeaRaccoons or PrairieBarracuda. What is wrong with just Dragons? And who cares if Columbus has a river. Every frickin' town in America has a river.
  14. I'd like to imagine if the Nets did follow through with this identity, and it lasted until the present day what the uniforms would look like. Would they have still gone black heavy w/a Brooklyn move? Would this be a throwback that the young players think is "fire"?
  15. Definitely looks to be refined. Typically it seems they use a double outline or a thick outline. The spacing between the serifs above the "W" is now the same width, it looks like. More balanced. "old": Also note the "arch" within the "F".
  16. No. Side note: When did this site turn into a guessing game?
  17. All three good. You definitely have to go with QB. The most famous position.
  18. Nice work on the Mets! That number font suits them really well.
  19. The blue TB is an improvement, but after seeing it, maybe white would work better? As for the striping, it's too few colors with kinda jarring jumps. I was thinking more gradual stripes, sorta like the pattern of the script on this shirt the Rays are selling: For Detroit's home, I think navy works best for the D. Maybe try it without an outline? The crowns on KC's scripts is really cool. I like the powder blue away a lot, but the crown doesn't work on a gold jersey like it does on royal blue. Also, the sleeve logo looks weird with the flat shield and the curved crown together. Cleveland's scripts are nice, and the idea is interesting. I agree with @Htown1141 is totally right about there being way too much shadow on the logo. I think using a bronze as the main color is the way to go, maybe some maroon accents. Minnesota looks awesome! My only suggestion is to go dark blue or black for the alt, with white or teal pinstripes.
  20. Maybe this one of Bart Starr? Johnny Unitas? Or how about Roman Gabriel?
  21. I wonder what football pose would make a good NBA/MLB type logo.
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