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  2. The old Moose logo looks great on a red, black, white scheme. A lot like the Blackhawks.
  3. I agree with this, they broke it down on SC, and basically all they said was everyone including the coach was disinterested standing there and some weren’t even watching the play. It was everything that was wrong with today’s iso basketball.
  4. It was an awkward fall more than anything. It really should have only been a minor penalty for cross-checking but the refs made a reactionary decision based on Pavelski lying motionless on the ice bleeding. If he doesn't make contact with Stastny while falling, I think he gets back up no problem and there's most likely no penalty called. But that contact just twists his body into a really dangerous position. I didn't really see any malice or intent. It was just a really unfortunate incident. With that said, Vegas has no excuse allowing 4 goals during that penalty kill. Great comeback by the Sharks.
  5. It’s not a good look, but it’s also something that will be forgotten about within a week. I wouldn’t read too much into it. Even if he has worn out his welcome so what? Reggie Jackson wore out his welcome in the Yankee clubhouse before ever even suiting up. They still won back-to-back World Series, because games are won on the field, not in the locker room. My main concern would be whether or not his defense will continue to be an issue. The early results have been inconclusive. Some metrics such as defensive runs saved sill rate Harper as the same putrid outfielder he was last year. But other metrics such as UZR put Harper right around average for the league. A lot of this difference can be explained away by small sample size, as well as the inherent flaws associated with each metric, which is why there is no one defensive stat. But that said, it is still odd to see the two metrics this far apart on a player.
  6. The Championship Series are here! Lets see what went down. In the NEBL we had the Millers, in making their first appearance, they played pretty well. Holding Worcester under 6 runs for the entire series. Whilst their defense was good, led by P Matt Williams, who won their only two wins, their offense couldn’t keep up. Only scoring over 2 runs once, in a 9-2 rout of Worcester in game 5. The Valentines, who played great, were lead by their own pitcher, Jamie Brady. Who went 3-0 in the championship, shutting out the Millers twice. This incredible performance was backed by Thomas who also had a great series. Having had 9 hits in 25 appearances. The best of either team. In the end Worcester came out on top 4-2 to claim their first ever title. In the USBL we had a rematch of last year's championship, it was a very familiar series of events. Much to the dismay of the fans, Louisville once again started off slowly, giving up 16 runs in the first 2 games. Schlagel giving up 10 of those in his first ever championship appearance. Schlagel in general put out a very uninspiring series, losing both his games. But he wasn’t the only one who played poorly. Brock only had 3 hits in 15 appearances. The Stallions were actually led by 2B Dan Hagar. Who knocked two homeruns in his 13 hits. This was a completely different story for Hamilton, who came out on fire. Reynolds and Trevino played their part, but the player to watch was Bracewell, who had 11 hits and 8 RBIs and played fantastic on the field. Helping the AC quickly jump to a 3-1 lead with his best performances in game 1 and 3 where he hit at everyone of his 4 at bats both games. The AC wins the series easily, 4-2. C&C Appreciated, let me know how your team did, don’t be afraid to comment.
  7. See, now this is why I hate Manchester United.
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  9. Yep. It's clear watching that gif that Pavelski's skates are both off the ice and he's falling straight back before Stastny even makes contact with him. He was going down hard.
  10. If United had played this well on Sunday they'd be in 5th with a chance to jump Chelsea on Sunday. Now I think they'll finish 5th, only if they beat Chelsea. Kompany was lucky not to get a straight red for pulling down Rashford, because the refs were too busy watching the ball instead of players on the field. Regardless, United had to finish their chances and failed to do so.
  11. Nobody wants to be in the top four it seems.
  12. Your right completely misread that lol.
  13. Miami isn't getting a second Driveball team, he said that the AFL was adding a team, ergo it's the Dolphins splashing onto the scene.
  14. Eakin got him good with the crosscheck, his head was hitting the ice whether Stastny came in to finish it off or not.
  15. Stastny is already moving towards the dot (on his way to cover the point) as the puck drops. He has no clue that Pavelski is going start flailing into his path after the cross-check. If you watch Pavelski's body, the primary force of impact with Stastny is not high or with the arms, but low with Pavelski's knee rotating over and Stastny's side. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't see any malice in that play other than the Eakin cross-check, and even that is, at the very most, a two-minute penalty (he checks Pavelski square in the chest after half-stride and knocks him off balance... that happens several times a game). It's awful what happened to Pavelski, but it's much more of a freak accident than anything else, unlike the Foegele hit (dangerous position) or the Kadri hit (too high).
  16. This post, of course, was based on the assumption that Arsenal would not absolutely poop the bed at Wolves. I guess we all know what happens when you assume.
  17. The helmet would look 1000x better without that gloss making it look black
  18. Yeah I figure both of them moving at the same time made the most sense
  19. I like all the alliteration but Ottawa Owls is definitely the weakest of them all, I would try capitals or nationals, since it’s the capital or the name Canadians. If I’m not mistaken he has said he wanted to but has been busy with graduation and moving
  20. Well the Cardinals just got the three game series sweep over the Brewers to even their season series to 5-5 and maintain the best record in this early NL season. Milwaukee and St. Louis don't meet again until August after playing three series already. Sometime schedules are weird.
  21. Out of all the cities that could handle 2 teams Miami ain’t one of them, would definitely try NYC, Chicago, LA, or Boston before Florida again
  22. The next team up is the Seattle Shockwaves. (Northwest Division, North conference.) Made in Affinity Designer. C&C Appreciated.
  23. No idea at all where you’re gettting that from. He agreed with Arieta, and there’s been literally no “grumblings” about Harper from players or fans.
  24. Fun to see the Bruins IRL and the Bulldogs in the PHL both enjoying success. The other day I mixed up Brendan Marlo and Brandon Carlo, haha. The Draft Lottery is one of those things that’s controversial, but is needed. The upcoming NBA lottery is in it’s first year of being changed, and I like it. However, not as happy that New York is getting Camden. One of my least favorite teams.
  25. Authenticos! Or maybe you could try,I know it’s not suggested but I’ve always liked the name Tiburones and I’ve yet to see a team named after it, and considering you don’t have a team named after sharks yet, it could work
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