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  2. On Fox yes, on TSN Raptors had purple with retro logo but Grizzlies had their standard navy with current logo scoreboard.
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  4. The deep dive into Champion NFL jersey history gets difficult before 1988. The only indication of manufacturer becomes the jock tag of a game worn jersey because there's no logo on the shoulder. However, I believer that those are in fact Champion, and I would go so far as to say that in the case of the Jets, they've had Champion jerseys since 1974. The Jets changed their uniform from this in 1973: to this in 1974: which looks to be our font. When I tried to find some game worn jerseys, I found this one supposedly from that year: and the tag says: Champion. So congrats, BBTV, we were both wrong, Champion NFL jerseys can be traced back to 1974, possibly earlier with a different font, but I haven't dug hard enough to know.
  5. 1981 Jets. A little wider, and jersey is unbranded. Unlikely that it’s Champion, but maybe Champion bought someone’s jersey business and inherited the font?
  6. Damn shame since I loved how that orange cap looked with the white uniform (and correctly colored accessories).
  7. After keeping an eye out for years, I finally found a full game showing off the Oakland Athletics KICU package from the mid/late 2000's. This is from their final season on the channel before moving to CSN/NBCSCA full time the following year. I've always loved this era of KICU graphics, especially in the years prior to this one that used a score bug in the bottom right-hand corner (the score bar you see in this video was only used for one year; the rest of the package remained unchanged from the "bug" era of the prior handful of seasons). Unfortunately, this video isn't of the highest quality, but with how rare A's games from the mid-90's through late-00's are on YouTube, I'm grateful. EDIT: Here's literally three seconds of the score bug that was used in the prior season. I like the score bar used in the video below, but when I think of this era of the A's on KICU, I think of the bug. As mentioned previously, the rest of the graphics package didn't change upon the shift from bug to bar.
  8. I admit, I was a bit skeptical of this idea at first. I liked the simple monochrome green look, but I played around with your idea and it's growing on me. Before I revamp the rest of the set though, I wanted to see if this is what you're suggesting: I decided to switch the colors of the front number too, to add more contrast against the word mark. With the addition of the bright green to the word mark and number, I may also add it to the sleeve striping too if it looks good. Otherwise, I included an updated Seattle primary logo and a cap with the bright green drop shadow as well. With the inclusion of the bright green into the primary home jersey (and potentially the away and away alt too), I figured I'd add it to the logo. I struggled with figuring out how to fix the mountains and the stretched-out feeling of them in my Seattle concept, so I went with another direction for this one. I ended up looking up other mountain-related logos to get ideas and ended up basing the primary off the shape/set-up of this logo here. The mountain is based off the view of Mt. Rainier from Seattle. What do y'all think? Should I update the rest of the Cascades accordingly?
  9. I was sorta expecting to have this response to the primary logo, so I'll revisit it. As for a simple trident logo, I have a couple reservations about that. Yes, the team is named the Tridents, but to make a trident based logo that feels unique would be rather challenging. For example, a simple roundel with the prongs of the trident already exists in many forms when I googled "trident logo" at one point. That's a bit of why I went with a Neptune angle, to try to do something a bit out there and unique. I hear what y'all are saying though, so I'll hit the drawing board again and see what I can come up with. I appreciate the suggestion to look at the Ottawa Senators, and I'll work with the floating text to better situate it in the primary. As for the J, I feel you, ~Bear, it's not really anything special (and is basically a rip-off of Juventus, which I realized after I hit post on this concept the other day), but I think it gets the job done. I'll change the outline when I have an update ready and I think I need to mess around with the sleeve striping a little bit too. I'll get to all that soon, but in the meantime, thanks for all your comments, ~Bear, NDFreek, and teeray01. Haha, actually the funny thing is that there's a thread over on their mods site where someone is already doing that... they didn't ask me for permission though and have made a couple changes that I don't agree with. They are giving me credit though, so I appreciate that. Once I'm done with the designs here though, I plan to put together my own files for the game exactly as I've got here, but that'll be awhile (and maybe I'll figure out how to make a Quickstart by then?). It is rather fun playing through the game as I add logos and jerseys though.
  10. Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields, among others, are in support of an Power 5 football union.
  11. At least I'll have Coastal and Boise to watch. Northeast Conference will "wait and see" in September.
  12. Even though I'm not a fan of opposing teams wearing the same colors, I liked the black/white of Nets/Clippers because I like black. I know I'm all about colors, but I like black/grey for some things. That Grizzlies color is awesome. The score bug also had a great combo of teal and purple for the Raptors.
  13. At first, I was all for the Brewers cream set. I thought the whole tie in to the cream city thing was kind of cool along with the the big cuff strips on the sleeves. After watching the Brewers series this weekend, I believe they should scrap the cream home and go with the pinstripes. Such a nice look for them.
  14. Don't be teasin me about mono powder blue! I almost freaked out there. haha
  15. No. Let's keep them in. I can see it now... The Cards will be healthy enough to finish 12-11, qualify for the playoffs based on win %, and eventually face the Marlins in the NLCS!
  16. How did the NOB’s look like on those Canadian retroes?
  17. I say drop the face idea, change the ball back and rotate it a bit to get rid of the front face. Make it seem like a mask laying on a ball rather than a character.
  18. I walked around the last two days waiting for the electric chair. They blew their best chance in game 4 and tonight was gonna be a formality. I was so certain that I placed a wager on the Leafs and I’m not a huge gambler. And it didn’t matter! I cannot believe that they were able to come back after the most epic choke in game 4 and not only not look like zombies, but pitch a complete game shutout after that. It truly makes no sense. Can’t say I’m jazzed for the Lightning again, but if Game 4 had ended up mattering it would’ve been up there with the Bengals 2015 NFL playoff loss Or the Reds blowing a 2-0 lead in the 2012 NLDS. I needed this win for my sanity. Same sentiment applies to Artemi Panarin, Sergei Bobrovsky, and Matt Duchene.
  19. Yup. They should have kept the royal pinstripes or had a different throwback alternate. The pinstripe navy is out of place with the new set.
  20. Making some tweaks to the Jesters: C&C Welcome.
  21. Damn, the Chargers look great!!! Just F$%^&ng great!!
  22. Damn. The one I made to be inoffensive was offensive. Am I the Washington [Redacted] of people? No. I have the ability to self-reflect and feel shame. Crisis averted. Works on multiple levels. Sorry for not even trying to do better with the nickname. Sorry for the constant crap teams. Sorry for the incompetence. Sorry for the off-field stuff you may have heard about. Sorry for being embarrassing in every way possible.
  23. They are still better than these jokes: and........................ 28-3.
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