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  2. Seconded. William Shea and the Joan Payson's experience with the Continental League seems to be almost a "dark mirror" version of Lamar Hunt's with the AFL. After failing to get an NFL team for Dallas (he tried to purchase the Cardinals and move them there), Lamar Hunt put together the AFL mainly to have a pro football franchise there. He gathered all the AFL potential owners, put the thing together, then the NFL came calling with the offer to put an expansion franchise in Dallas, and offered it to him. By then, he was in it pretty deep and had seven other guys counting on him, so he told the NFL "no" and stuck with it, despite the fact that the NFL placed an expansion franchise in his hometown. In the long run they ALL came out better; all the AFL owners eventually had their teams in the NFL, as did Lamar Hunt. William Shea and Joan Payson were the opposite; he put together the Continental League, got all the owners together, and she was to own the NY Continental League franchise. But as soon as MLB came along with an offer for a new MLB franchise in New York (to be owned by Joan Payson), she dropped out of the Continental League and Shea dropped his leadership of the Continental League, like a couple of hot potatoes. It died soon afterwards. This action left most 'Continental League' cities without an MLB team for either several years (Atlanta, Dallas) or many years (Toronto, Denver) or in Buffalo's case, forever, and also left most other owners in the lurch. But Shea had the Mets stadium named for him.
  3. Any questions or comments before we proceed to 1965?
  4. Miami, adidas Unveil Parley Baseball Jerseys April 25, 2019 - 22:19 PM As a way to raise awareness of marine plastic pollution, the University of Miami and adidas on Thursday afternoon unveiled the first-ever baseball jerseys that utilize repurposed and upcycled materials. The jerseys — which are made from a range of […] Read More...
  5. That wordmark is almost a graffiti font. I don't get the usage, but I dig it. I would love to see graffiti on a jersey
  6. I'm not sure that it's a matter of contractual language. It all comes down to motive and intent. These uniform deals are similar to TV deals for leagues. They're a cash cow, sold to the highest bidder. And yes, there is an expectation that teams aren't completely walking billboards, but if Nike's primary motivation for doling out seven-figures is to showcase their brand on the NFL's global platform, I can't imagine the NFL standing in their way. That money holds sway.
  7. I gotta say, everything about this seems like I should absolutely hate it, but I love it. Great work.
  8. Golden Knights Adding Third Jersey Next Season April 25, 2019 - 21:45 PM What’s a good way to get fans to forget about a disappointing playoff defeat? You announce a new uniform is coming! And that’s what the Vegas Golden Knights did earlier today (kinda) via a Tweet from the official team account, […] Read More...
  9. Yeah, the ermine pattern is on the university seal. Didn't even think to look there. How's this: Interesting that you think the sleeves don't work on the white uniform, because I think they look a lot better on the white than on the blue. Unfortunately, I'm only doing teams that made it to Cup and Kent State's quidditch team isn't an official USQ team. I'm thinking I might do some extra concepts at the end, though, so I might come back to them.
  10. Should have been the Fighting Staplers...
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  12. The collar is better. Too bad everything else isn't. It's way too messy.
  13. It’s a shame we won’t get 10 weeks in the season to celebrate each decade with uniforms
  14. Cmon dogs. You shouldn’t go down like that, but I do like the comeback of 4 straight wins. Choppers roll on in 6 Nuggets strike gold in 7 Concordes lift off in 5 Bulldogs ring Philly’s bell in 7
  15. They're probably just running with the 100 years theme. It'd be interesting to see what other logos get used.
  16. Yeah, I get that. But, I think with the connection and success the team had in the ABA the name works. We’ve seen the WNBA and G-League use it, plus Stars is only used in one of the four major leagues. Plus, it’s better than most Utah specific names out there ... Pioneers, Saints, Etc. But, like I said, it’s a moot point. They had a chance in 1979, but decided to not change the nickname.
  17. Not crazy about the mismatch stripes on the these. It's the tough part of putting pant stripes on the shoulders.
  18. Never underestimate a team with a massive chip on their shoulder. LGI!!!
  19. And Fight for Your Right to Party was the song of choice, during one of their victory celebrations.
  20. Wow, major respect for referencing classic Steve! I studied the albums Let's Get Small, A Wild and Crazy Guy, and Comedy is Not Pretty closely, and was amazed by them. There is nothing remotely like them, even within the universe of classic comedy albums by geniuses such as George Carlin, Richard Pryor, Bob Newhart, Redd Foxx, and Robin Williams. My favourite Steve joke: "I just bought my own form of private transportation. Landed it out here at the airport. And it’s not easy landing a station wagon out here at the airport." The emphasis on those words "landing" and "out" — especially "out" — is just beautiful. It’s music.
  21. I know about floorball but its not the same as ball hockey. Floorball is closer to bandy while ball hockey is almost identical to ice hockey. Lowering the rink size is also something that NHL did when compared to the IIHF or european rinks. I do like floorball bit is no where near as popular as ball hockey is in north america.
  22. Sources say Snyder wants Haskins. RIP Dwayne Haskins career
  23. As a fellow Hoosier with a huge love for basketball I enjoy this concept. Especially with the references to various high schools.
  24. Not that Ike. And yeah, it does strike me that quoting Steve Martin’s routine about stale material is pretty funny, considering we’re farther away from his stand-up now than he was to Eisenhower at the time.
  25. I would watch the heck out of a women's baseball league so long as they didn't make the nicknames and logos some arbitrarily feminine name. Just make them baseball teams, but with women playing. So don't call them the Chicks, Lassies, or Belles. Rockford (or Chicago) Peaches might be okay just because they were the winningest team and could have a little bit more of a pop culture appeal just because of the movie. But I'd just hope they would have real baseball team names and branding. I, too, would love to see a women's baseball league. Women's baseball holds a world championship every two years. Here is the bronze-medal game between the U.S. and Canada from the latest edition in 2018. But I must also mention that I really enjoy women's softball, and that I consider it to be one of the best spectator sports in the world, especially when the remarkable Monica Abbott is on the mound, as she is here for the NPF's Chicago Bandits in a game from a few years ago. There are plenty of college programmes for softball, and so there are certainly more girls and women who are dedicating their efforts to softball than to baseball. So I think that an "angel" investor who wanted to back a women's league might be better off propping up the ailing NPF. Still, there's every reason to think, if given the backing and the chance, the mass of women baseball players would eventually produce players who could play in the Majors, perhaps a pitcher with outstanding movement on her pitches, a slick-fielding middle infielder, or a speedy outfielder. So I am really torn; and I hate to think of women's baseball and women's softball as being inimical to one another. In a perfect world we'd have high-level pro leagues in both of these sports.
  26. Why do I feel that the Boston-Philly series is gonna feature the PHL's answer to the "Malice at the Palace"?
  27. I liked the green helmets too, and I feel the green should be lighter
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