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  1. Thanks guys! I see the wagon wheel. Also see a dart board. The firework examples in sports aren’t great either but I think I should look to move on. https://ibb.co/FDGfGMB https://ibb.co/26Sjs6Y
  2. Sestercentenial - the 250th anniversary of something This idea has been in my head for a year. In my Sun League Sim Baseball thread(which you should check out), the Marlins moved to Indianapolis out of nowhere after the first season. That got me thinking about my old abandoned idea. I brought it up to a friend at work and he fell in love with the idea and has not stopped talking about it for a full week. What's the idea you ask? When the MLB played at Fort Bragg in North Carolina in 2016, it was the first MLB game to be played in the state. What if the MLB just went ahead and crossed off every other state in the USA. An idea fit for America's Past Time, one week in the summer of 2026, every team will venture out and play a single game at the best suitable ballpark the state has to offer. Them and another team will each play a home and away game with a travel day in between. Three series will play 3 games, provided that the travel wouldn't be too much to handle. The MLB seems comfortable enough to do this, an example would be the MLB games in Williamsport the last two years for Sunday Night Baseball. I can get into the match-ups and ballparks later, but I need help with my logo before I go nuts! My goal was to represent America, the MLB, make it classy, and make it seem like it truly is an existing logo. So here's a refined idea of what I've thought up the past week. A 250 with the MLB logo above. My issue is, on one hand, it looks like the MLB's 250th birthday. Sestercentenial doesn't really fit into the logo because it's such a clunky word. Also, if possible, get the state the games are in to be represented smoothly in the logo(to sell merch, of course). However, I ran into some problems. Mainly Utah's abbreviation spelling OUT. Also we have two rectangle shaped states. I kept texting friends pictures of the concept, and kept getting "it's not American enough", so I went ahead and tried a firework exploding in the 0. This was by far my favorite. The state name idea was axed, with the best solution being listing it underneath Here's them on caps! So yeah, C&C?
  3. I hope that title drew your attention. So anyone who does design professionally like myself cuts their teeth doing freelance work. I always thought I was on the cheaper side as I tried to build a portfolio to show off and land a full time job. My going rate for soccer crests are $200-300 depending on the team, but regularly do stuff for cheaper if it's, say a fantasy football logo. But I do have a full time job and could always use some more cash on the side. I got approached by a startup company looking for branding help. I asked some close friends and they told me day rates and hourly stuff. I did the math and matched the day rate of a friend. He wanted a number, so I dropped down what'd be around 9k for a month of hard work to 6k After I named my price to the startup he said i was 5x over what other people asked for and moved on from me. I know the old saying is that you're going to price out some jobs but the ones who can pay your price will make up for the lost revenue. But damn, that really sucked to lose that potential big deal. I'm in a position where there's a possibility I leave my current job and move in with my girlfriend when she goes back for the doctorate program, and have to find a stream of income if there isn't a design job that falls into my lap. Thanks!
  4. Yep! Still standing and teamless was the goal. Sure there’s some GCL teams but like, I didn’t do Daytona cause the team would compete with the Tortugas directly. Also check out the sim thread if you havent
  5. Gotta build more stadiums 30 years ago! Maybe if the Jumbo Shrimp move!
  6. They have 225 followers on twitter. https://twitter.com/AmPatLeague
  7. Oh that script is phonomenal, really well done concept! Also I want to be mad that you stole my Tam and Pete logo idea that I never finished but I think I'm gonna just have to deal
  8. This might be a little pre-mature but I thought it was very interesting. United States Cricket posted this page on November 26th having an open application on starting a professional cricket league in the States. Currently, the national team members play in the regional level. https://www.usacricket.org/media-release/usa-cricket-seeks-t20-professional-league-proposals/ Where I caught on was them announcing the deadline moved back 2 weeks because they received 20 formal proposals for the league. https://www.usacricket.org/media-release/notice-extension-to-deadline-for-t20-professional-league-proposals/ Seems like one way or another this is gonna happen.
  9. 100%. Shout out to Mr. Moore, Mrs Leopold, Mrs Fernandez, Mrs Alfaro, and the Florida education system. Unless you mean because Vero is an Italian word, but from what I saw it was named that cause Vero is also truth in Latin, which is where Spanish is rooted in
  10. WELL it's slowed but i have plans. The sim league should be up and running once i redo the Spikes finally. I'm thinking something cleaner with better colors. Think Oakland A's kelly green set and red. I made changes to the Sarasota uniforms. Honest mistake on the script drop shadow after someone mentioned it didn't match the logo. speaking of the logo, the boy now has claws And circling back to the bog hogs, the dropping of one black means the home uniform looks like this
  11. Bog Hog updates: The more i saw my logo, the more I realized how many unnecessary things it had. There were 2 greys, the white highlights were chunky, the bottom bit of the circle was pointless, also i hated the eye so much! I went ahead and cleaned it up slightly and landed on one grey. I also turned in the tusks as suggested on the cap logo. Also while we're at it
  12. Vero Beach was home to the Dodgers from 1948-2008. From just before Brooklyn moved to well past the Dodgers moved to Los Angeles. The stadium they played in is on a road named Dodgers. My hands were tied folks. But I decided to name them the Azules! Like, for the blue! I couldn't just leave you all with that as my last team. So I made a literal Dodger Dog.
  13. I did originally try the white panel front, but I went red and black heavy since Plant City stadium was Cincinnati’s spring training home. gonna work on the last team more today. I did some tweaks to the Bog Hogs yesterday and feel better about the result. Hoping to be posted tonight
  14. I can't believe you showed me up with two stellar puns in one post. I thought the more modern shape for Bulb Ruth would be a better mascot since the shape is a little bit more recognizable than the ones he's holding that don't have that outward curve. I threw it on the roundel after i finished it and I thought the monogram was a little bit more in tune with similar logos. Tonight I've been building the uniforms on photoshop. I did have a program that you could plug in colors and make a graphic but it was sort of superficial since it was all templated. The photoshop file I have lets me throw in the script logo, sleeve logo, and some nike logos, two things I wanted to include since some people have asked me for the game files and i want to make sure it's good for everyone.
  15. I'm happy with most of them luckily. I think i might do a post cleaning up a few like adding more prominent claws to my lion. I tired to copy El Paso Chihuahuas' paws but i guess it didn't reflect it enough. The Jaguarundi purple color seems like a different shade than when i designed it, so maybe crank down the red tone there. The Spikes will most likely get an overhaul like I mentioned. To the person that mentioned the evergreens and the Bog Hogs, that was just a tree line i quickly made cause it seemed empty in the circle. i can revisit that one to see if i can make it more swampy. The FTM monogram it came down to me thinking the angle of the bolt fit better matching the F than the vertical M bit. I definitely tried the M angle first but ended up not keeping it those are the ones in mind. The Fly Boys, ChocoSox, and Manatees(which I didn't create in the first place) seem pretty set. This next one is super restrained but i might make a mascot logo just so people aren't disappointed with the last one
  16. Hate as in “I can’t not see the logo I made dabbing” rather than “dabbing is a cancer on society” I appreciate it tho! For tomorrow it’s a Spanish(!) team name for a long time spring training home.
  17. oh my god i hate you for saying that. thank you! I keep feeling like i'm one upping myself, i remember how excited i was for the Spikes when i first half finished the logo. I feel like I've unlocked sort of all the stuff i like that Brandiose does and made it my own.
  18. Plant City is known for one thing, the Strawberry Festival! So imagine my surprise that the sleepy town east of Tampa hosted the Reds for Spring Training through the 80s and 90s. They did! And i tried to make it as minor league as possible. Sun League team 9 of 10: Plant City Fruit Bats (also Fruit Bats are really big so imagine this being a really big strawberry)
  19. As i started working on the 10th and final team, I want to say 1) thank you to all of you who have come along with me on this branding journey, and the next step of a sim league will be a fun one. 2) I plan on redoing the Spikes. Every time I see it in game I pick flaws. Gonna keep it very similar but overall clean it up and make it more cohesive. Team 9 posted tonight, team 10 posted tomorrow.
  20. One thing that Ft. Myers has is the winter home of Thomas Edison. While that bastard was busy bullying Tesla back in the day, it's a tourism hot spot now. I wrote down "Edison related" brainstorming ideas and when I finally got around to thinking about it one name came to mind, the Currents. Get it? Like electricity AND the water? Get it? Ah well here take this. Sun League team 8 of 10: Ft. Myers Currents (for fun)
  21. This team was always around, and then they weren't. They moved to Kissimmie and became the Fire Frogs. The stadium was open, and it wouldn't feel right to have a new team there. I just decided to use the color scheme from their inception to 2001. Sun League team 7 of 10: Brevard County Manatees