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2015-16 Soccer Kits and News


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This looks like one of those fake kits you see on eBay after the first images of next season's kits leak on the net. All the things that make it "not a plain red shirt" are overdone suggesting it's been copied from a photoshopped image. (Or at least i hope so... damn that's a fugly shirt.)

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Any Spurs fans here that could make an educated guess on which number yedlin will be assigned?

His current club and country numbers 17 and 2 are already taken so it won't be them.

I really have no idea but if I had to make a guess I would say its a 2 horse race between number 12 and 20.

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The 2008 crest was nice, but Norway has worn the flag on their shirts since the 1920s and there was a strong reaction to losing it.


If I recall correctly, they never actually wore the Viking Dragon on their shirts; they replaced the badge with a flag before the first match, so this:


turned into this:


Looks like the new crest was designed with a very prominent flag to avoid such a complication.

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From the rumours, it seems that Juve's first adidas away kit will be double pink, with pink/bright pink being the colours (personally, I'm hoping for sublimated vertical stripes kind of like the orange Herta ones) and the third will be black with gold details.

That Norway crest is very classy, but the NFF monogram on the 2008 one was much better that this one

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So the Chelsea home kit Will pretty much be this years Schalke kit with white and red details? Not that I'm complaining, mind. Schalke looks fantastic, and it's always nice for Chelsea to have some red on its kit. Adidas confirms that when they want to, they're second to none in making single color kits, and they've hit it out of the park with Chelsea for at least five years now.

That away looks like a rethink of last years clash, and it's great. Too bad about that hem stripe. Black kit does nothing for me.

Milan's colors for next season have also leaked, and they will have "granite" accents on their first kit, the clash will be red and "solid gray" with no black, and the third kit will pretty much be the negative of this years kit, green with yellow and white details

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I'll be intrigued to see what United will look like next year. I'd love if they went with the kits they wore in 1982 with the UCLA stripes. More than likely though it may be something closer to what Chelsea is wearing.

Listening to the Football Show. Apparently Nike was really pushing Barca to try the hoops next year. So we'll see how much the fans support it.

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