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MiLB | Salt Lake Bees Rebrand

Go Red Sox!

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This is my latest rebrand of the MiLB Salt Lake Bees. "Bumble" is now a lot more aggressive and determined than before. Orange and red have been added to the traditional colors gold, black and white. Red remotely points towards the Bees'

MLB affiliation, more precisely the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Cool gray serves as a mark color. Comments are welcome as usual, guys.



Before After


Primary logo


Alternate "Bumble" logo


Alternate logo ("B" with a honey drop, in front of a beehive frame in the shape of the state of Utah)


Alternate logo (Bee from above, flying over honeycombs)


Alternate logo


Team initials


Word marks

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Wow, there's nothing about this I don't like. The color scheme, the font, each of the logos...it's all very well done. I do agree with two posters on their minor critiques, though.

Incredible. The only logo I'm not entirely sold on is the bee head in the red hexagon. It's seems too off-balanced.

Maybe if you moved it a smidgen to the right--so that the antenna is lined up with the edge of the hexagon--it would be better.

Very good overall, but the bee with bat logo is far too similar to the Single-A Midwest League Burlington Bees logo for my tastes. The othersbare fantastic, but that similarity immediately jumped out at me.

Looked the logo up, and I do agree. They're rendered differently and have different features, but the pose is identical. It may be different enough that it would be allowed, but it's close. Nevertheless, very great work!

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Thanks for all your comments, guys.

@JoHyphenE: I've read your comment and I also have to agree. My bad. I strictly want to avoid similarities to existing logos, but obviously I didn't research enough this time. I'm not really familiar with MiLB and its teams. After comparing the "stance" of my bee with the

one of the Burlington Bees, I have to admit it actually looks like a slight ripoff in terms of the posture. The weird part is that I didn't even know the Burlington Bees or their current logo before, until you mentioned them. If I had, I would have strictly avoided that stereotype pose. I didn't want to create a bee with legs, standing there, readying for the pitch, like in the current logo. My first draft looked totally different because the bee's body was a lot more vertical than it is now. I didn't like that because it didn't really fit to the honeycomb or the font in the back and therefore I bended the bee's tail part to make it more compact and less vertical. Unfortunately, the bee's pose is now very similar to the aforementioned logo. It's actually annoying me a lot right now. Well, don't cry over spilled milk.

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These are amazing! Well done. The only issue I have is that with the team initials, I can't help but see the St. Louis Cardinals cap logo, which the Angels might not like to see.


I know what you mean. There's just no other way to interlock the letters "S" and "L" differently, like in the famous Cardinals cap logo, without making the whole thing look forced or awkward. Unfortunately both cities have the same initials.

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This is an amazing update, I'm just not sure if I'd like to see it replace their classic identity. Does everything have to be sleek, mean-looking, and have three different accent colors?


I wanted to create a mean-looking bee protecting its beehive. When you provoke bees in real life, they might sting you quicker than expected. That was one of my initial thoughts.

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This is one of the best posts I've seen on this site. Please follow up with jerseys (and possibly re-branding every team in Minor League Baseball).

You're kidding about rebranding every team in MiLB, right? Because there are 240.

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