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USL Pro to undergo a rebrand


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It will be nice to see USL PRO logo league updated. With the expansion of many MLS clubs creating reserve sides, the league needed a new branding. Lets hope it's a thing of beauty.

They should just re-name to Minor League Soccer but hey, that's another topic for another day.

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Yeah, but the English system failed to make sense a long time ago, when they named their top minor league "Championship". :P

I don't mind the various MLS2 names out there, since they are the subordinate version of the original clubs. That at least has an internal logic to it.

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Here it is:




They dropped the Pro from the name.

In order to realize our potential, we are reorganizing. Starting today USL PRO will compete simply as the USL. We have reached a point in our evolution where we can confidently call ourselves United.

Explanation of logo.

The new USL mark is the central pillar in a new design philosophy for our league. Inspired by the geometry of the field, its design cues are more akin to a 21st century startup than those of a monolithic sports league.

The simple shapes of the USL lettering appear as a stencil and hint at its flexible use. The new logo is not a corporate logo: it is a tribal mark, something to be taken to the heart of each club’s community, personalized and worn with pride. This new design system will be explored and developed by our clubs and their fans from this season on.

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