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Golden State Warriors Splice Logo


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Hey. So this isn't really much of a original concept just a combination of eras for the Warriors. There are aspects that I believe are great for the current identity (the bridge, royal and gold) and good aspects from the former identity (wordmark, uniforms) that would work together in my opinion. So taking these aspects and combining them, I just made a logo idea based on what I think think they should look.


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It looks pretty cool actually. I like it.

I kinda notice that the script/lightning has a lot going on and pops out a little too much against the simpler ball. Maybe add a tiny bit of white on the ball or bridge.

Yeah I agree with that. I'll probably try something with both (adding white and removing it).

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I agree about the white highlights; definitely added some definition.

This is really good. Can't wait for the jerseys.

Would love to make jerseys but: need to learn how and I wasn't planning to,lol. I have an idea and someone else could take a stab.
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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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