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A new terrible buffalo logo


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5 hours ago, Cosmic said:

Not a good logo, but +1 for using a white buffalo.


I think the head is not far off, but it looks like they just gave up on the body.

"We can't draw legs."

"On it." *slaps wordmark over the mangled legs.*

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Other choices were the Raptors and Sun Warriors. Renegades was an option too. They went with Trail Blazers. Just "Blazers" might work with the heat of St. George. I wonder if Mavericks, Bucks, and Heat were suggestions there too?


I'll admit, given that I grew up in the region, Raptors or Renegades would've been the best (and most unique too) fit. But it could be worse. I won't be surprised if the school decides to change again in 2022.

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2 hours ago, BrianLion said:

"Dixie State" University is in....Utah????


This would be like University of the Pacific being located in Ohio.  


It's a local nickname. When it was settled by early Mormon Pioneers it got the nickname of 'Dixie' for being in southern Utah and it's cotton production. 

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I'll stand firmly in the minority and say, that's not all that bad.


Not many logos using a Buffalo/Bison get it right.


Hell, the Sabres are one for three (I'm not counting the Original and Current logos as two different ones), and if anyone should be sensitive to how a Buffalo/Bison look on a logo it should be a team representing Buffalo.

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