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2016 NFL Season week by week uniform match-up combos


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On 1/31/2017 at 9:04 PM, Nick72Phins said:

Something I noticed while watching the pro bowl was that jarvis landry changed his visor. The first picture shows the one which reflects, and the second one shows the one which glisten.



Uh, that's just different angles and lighting. It's not reflecting like a mirror but is instead just glare from the sun which is a single light source making it look more like a mirror, the one at the pro bowl is taken at night with lights all over the place so you have light sources coming from all sorts of angles canceling each other out and creating weird versions of glare

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**Ooops meant this for the other NFL thread...this one can be deleted..."



My "hope" for the Lions:


1. Billy Sims Era jersey (but updated - pic for reference below).  Loved the silver, not white numbers.

2. Barry Sanders Era.  Classic.  With some modern updating this is would work.

3. Throwback.  The throwbacks with an updated helmet.  I dig this. Although it might be too "Raideresque" only in blue.


I drive by the Lions training facility every day.  I'll keep an eye out on any other changes.



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