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NFL Top 10 Uniforms


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NFL Network did a Top 10 episode years back with the top 10 uniforms in league history. They put the Lance Alworth Chargers at 1. Here is how my list breaks down on the topic:


1. Blue Facemask Manning Colts:



-Great balance, simple, elegant and amazing. The blue facemask ties everything together like a bow.


2. Randy Moss & Culpepper's Vikings:




-This set was fantastic from head to toe. Really wish they would go back to these some day. Beautiful.


3. Late 90's-2000's 49ers:



-Great way to use the black effectively and tie-in the newer helmet. I use to love these bad boys.


4. Navy Blue Fouts Chargers:



-Really like the white pants and the use of yellow. Great helmets too. I like these better than the powder blues.


5. Bill Walsh 49ers:



-Classic set. The wide pants stripes are my only gripe, but these are clean and amazing.


6. Late 90's Broncos:



-A lot better than the current oranges. First two seasons in these resulted in two Super Bowl titles. Ground breaking set of uniforms for their time.


7. Tiger Sleeve Logo Bengals:



-Good use of black and orange. These are 1000X better than current set. The leaping tiger is the icing on the cake.


8. Red Helmet-Silver Pants Falcons:



-Red helmets are sorely underused in the NFL. Really wish the Falcons would return to red helmets eventually.


9. Kelly Green Eagles:



-Green and silver is an extremely rare color combo, and the Eagles looked so so good. Simple and clean.


10. Brady's Pats:



-These have grown on me over the years, and they have become iconic to the NFL. The color balance is great and the helmets are perfect.



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NFL Network with the Alworth Chargers at #1, eh?


I can see why others love the uniform, but I've always found it to be a bit overrated in my opinion. Through my eyes, two bright colors like powder blue and gold don't compliment each other very well on a sports uniform, but rather compete against each other for attention. It drives me crazy, and it's all I see or can think about every time I see that uniform (or the current alternate that's inspired by it). I feel like if you're going to use powder blue, you need a dark or a medium color to best compliment it. That's why (strictly as far as colors are concerned) the Titans, Argonauts, UNC, or even the Houston Oilers among others make it work for me, and the powder blue Chargers don't. 


Thats all just opinion and I don't pass that off as "design 101" or fact by any means. But still, if I'm making a list, Alworth Chargers aren't even cracking top 40 :P 

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5 minutes ago, C-Squared said:

Are these your favorite ten or the ten you think are objectively the best ever?

These are just my favorite 10. I know there are various opinions on the best ever by uniform purists, but this is just my personal  list of ones I've come to like. 

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i watched that episode again just a few months ago. im glad they did it, but wish they had taken it a bit more seriously and i know, taking uniforms seriously amiright? but on that list was cheerleader uniforms, pee-wee uniforms, and throwbacks all lumped together. 


so what the hell, here's my 10, in no particular order





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Ah, what the heck...since this has got me thinking about it :P 


Number one for me is and likely always be the Chiefs. After that, no particular order:







(This one doesn't get near the love it deserves. Honolulu Blue and Silver is so perfect together, they never needed the white.)



(My "no explaination why" pick. I just loved it.)














It was a whole lot harder than I thought, with tons of really great ones lined up from #11 down. But when you've gotta narrow down...



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If we're talking full sets, no particular order:


1. Rams, from whenever they added blue facemasks-1999 - the white jersey and yellow pants were especially great together. An all-time classic look. Loved seeing them beat the Seahawks in the blue version last week.


2. Broncos, 1980s-1996 - Yes, they're associated with Elway's early Super Bowl futility. Still...any version that had the helmet that seemed to change color and the white pants with both jerseys was great. Loved watching them against the Jags in the '96 playoffs, till they lost...


3. Colts - Any version that has a white helmet with blue horseshoes on the sides and white pants with both jerseys. Basically, anything 1960 and later aside from the brief period in the '80s where they added grey pants. Grey facemasks are okay though.


4. Dolphins, 1980s - Aqua facemasks but white pants. Aqua pants were nice too but I like the all-white look a bit better.


5. Oilers, Moon-era - Unlike the Dolphins, I think the Oilers looked a bit better with colored (light blue) pants to go with their white jerseys.


6. Buccaneers, 1997-2013 - Such a solid all-around look. 


7. Vikings, whenever they first added the shoulder stripes-2005 - Love the wraparound (almost) horns and the stripes. Awesome helmet too.


8. Bengals, 1980s - Not sure whether I like the Anderson or Esaison look better, but love all the stripes everywhere, with no stupid side panels or drop-shadows.


9. Packers, anytime since the introduction of the G logo - 'Nuff said.


10. Chiefs, any - They've never looked bad.


Honorable mention: Original Seahawks - Just wish there had been more green in the set.


1997-2002 Falcons - Their set improved so much when they added more red under Dan Reeves.


1960s Raiders - With the light logo background and silver road numbers.


Old gold Saints - They would look much better if they would go back to old gold.


1993 Patriots - So many odd elements but they worked together well. Like this better than the 1994-99 set, and obviously better than the crap they wear today.



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31 minutes ago, FinsUp1214 said:


Oooh, I'd somehow (and inexcusably, haha) forgotten about this one. That's definitely a worthy candidate. 

seriously, change the name to Washington Warriors and change to these and they'll be all good for the future. It will never happen while Synder is there and because FSU is pretty iconic with their spear. 

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Here is my personal top 10

New York Jets 1978-1989 and 1990-1997: Better with the green helmets, plus in 1990 they added black as an accent color.

Image result for New York Jets 1978-1989



New York Giants 1980-1999. I hate their new look. Even their 1974 look is far superior than their 1956-1969 look. These were better!


Los Angeles Rams 1973-1999. You can't top the athletic gold that was used in this uniform. Unforgettable design and Carroll Rosenblooms crafty babies!


Image result for Los Angeles Rams 1973-1999


Pittsburgh Steelers when they had their athletic gold helmets from 1945-1962. LOVE THEM! LOVE THEM! LOVE THEM!


Image result for Pittsburgh Steelers yellow helmet throwbacks


Kansas City Cheifs WHEN THEY WEAR RED HELMETS, WHITE JERSEYS, AND WHITE PANTS. I can't stand the red pants anymore!


Image result for Kansas City Chiefs all white uniforms


Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1997-2012 uniforms. Sorry, but the crap they got on sucks and looks like an asymmetrical mess.

Image result for Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1997-2012 uniforms


Washington Redskins 2002 fauxbacks. I LOVE THESE BABIES!!!

Image result for Washington Redskins 2002


Dallas Cowboys 1965-1980 uniforms were far superior than what they have now!!!

Image result for Dallas Cowboys 1970's


Atlanta Falcons 1966 look. I like the red helmets and black jersey combo! Probably 1967 or 1968 pictured below!

Image result for Atlanta Falcons 1966


Buffalo Bills 1975-1983 look, plus the 2011-now look. I am a sucker for the Bills in white helmets. I do like them in red helmets, but man!!!

Image result for Buffalo Bills 1980



Now you all know what I like! These top 10 are my favorite uniforms of all time!!!

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1 hour ago, FinsUp1214 said:


Oooh, I'd somehow (and inexcusably, haha) forgotten about this one. That's definitely a worthy candidate. 

As I've shared before, a jersey like that would blend better with the gold pants when compared to their current burgundy top.

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