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Top 5 Alternate Logos of Any Sport


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Alternate logos often seem to be cooler than the actual logos that a lot of teams use. What are your top 5 alts of all the major sports currently, excluding colleges (in order)? I'll kick things off...

5. Suns' rising phoenix logo

4. Indians' cursive I

3. Blazers' flaming basketball

2. Browns' block 'B' football (The team lists this as the official logo, but since no major media outlet uses it, I guess its still an alt.)

1. No doubt, the Edmonton Oilers' evil oil drop.

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This is a really decision to make. Here are five of my favourites in to particular order

Cleveland Cavaliers: sword through 'C'

Jacksonville Jaguars: Full jaguar/sleeve logo

San Jose Sharks: Fin logo

Oilers: Working man

Milwaukee Brewers: M/cap logo

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In ascending order:

5. Blackhawks' "C" with tomahawks

4. Titans' "T" sword

3. Lightning sleeve patch (FLA outline with bolt)

2. Cubs' "C" with cub body

1. Buccaneers' pirate ship on sleeve.

It is what it is.

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i'm taking into accout older logos as well, so heh.

5-Blackhawks C-tomahawks

4-80s Bear head

3-Bucks antlers

2-Cubs 79-93 Madcub

1-Cubs 94-96 mad bear

i woulda listed teh pitchign Cub that Rockford used to use, but i decided to restrict things to big league teams. that, and the 3d Senator would be here but they sort of use it like it's a primary. the ones I listed are/were clearly alternates.


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Here are the ones I can immediately think of:

#5: Memphis Grizzlies 'Claw' logo

#4: Chicago Blackhawks 'C Tomahawk' logo

#3: Oakland Athletics 'Elephant' logo

#2: Cincinnati Bengals 'Tiger head' logo

#1: Ottawa Senators 'Clocktower' logo (So I'm bias? Wanna fight about it?) :hockeysmiley:

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heres a top 5 of the 4 major sports


1. PIrates Skull and cross bats on black flag

2. Brewers Blue stylized M with barley on gold Wisconsin

3. Royals script in blue on a baseball with black ring

4. Astros Shooting brick star with tan and coal outline across Texas

5. Reds player with a baseball head with black shadow


1. 76ers - A gold 76 on a black star with streaking basketball

2. Magic - A streaking basketball with a star trail

3. Trailblazers - A black basketball with wings of fire

4. Jazz - A purple mountain range on a basketball

5. Cavaliers - White C on a wine flag on top of a gold sword


1. Bucs - Skull & Swords on black buccaneer ship with red accents

2. Giants - Giant quarterback in blue above Giants Stadium (Meadowlands)

3. Browns - An orange "dawg" with brown shadows

4. Bengals - A tiger head facing off to the left roaring

5. Saints - Fleur de lis and star on New Orleans in a gold Louisiana


1. Blue Jackets - The state flag of Ohio wrapped around a star

2. Oilers - A blue oil drop streaking to the left

3. Rangers - The Rangers primary shield logo modernised

4. Sens - Peace Tower in black next to a red maple leaf

5. Lightning - Lightning bolt above blue Florida map


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1. Astros Star shooting acorss Texas

2. Padres-The Friar

3. Twins-Twins shaking hands on the state

4. Brewers-M on Wisconsin

5. Nationals-DC logo


1. Browns Dawg Logo

2. Buccaneers Pirate Ship

3. Dolphins-Dolphin with football

4. Titans-Sword Logo

5. Ravens-Shield


1. Capitals-Capital Building

2. Lightning-Lighting striking across Florida

3. Blue Jackets-Ohio Flag forming a C over a star

4. Senators-Peace Tower

5. Blackhawks-C with tomahawks


1. Nets-NJ logo

2. Celtics-Shamrock

3. Knicks-Subway token

4. Raptors-TR with leaf

5. Grizzlies-Grizzlie paw



For the best in sports history go to the Sports E-Cyclopedia at



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i always like logos with the state in the backround, like the brewers alt or the saints alt, or the astros with texas. my 5 favorite alts in order

5. Astros star with texas in backround

4. Baltimore shield logo

3. Sacramento Rivercats RC logo (triple A affiliate or the Oakland A's)

2. Titans sword

1. Buccaneers flagship (Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :P )


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Ill go sport by sport:


Raptors TR leaf

Lakers L

Clippers LAC

Nets NJ

Bobcats Cat head inside of a basketball


Nationals Road Sleeve Patch

Braves BP Hat logo

A's BP Hat logo

Orioles Fun Bird (full one, not just the head)

Pirates Skull Flag


Ravens Raven head facing forward

Panthers full Panther body

Browns B in the football

Redskins throwback spear

Chargers SD


Senators Peace Tower

Hurricanes Flag

Flames black C

Blackhawks C and tomahawks

Coyotes PHX logo



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#1: Ottawa Senators 'Clocktower' logo (So I'm bias? Wanna fight about it?)  :hockeysmiley:

Hey im Paddy Tanager, the caddy manager yeah it rhymes, big whoop wanna fight about it?

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i always like logos with the state in the backround, like the brewers alt or the saints alt, or the astros with texas.

I too like those logos, although I vastly prefer the old Brewers alt to the new one:


That was a sharp logo. If they had adopted it as the primary in 1996, the Brewers would have had almost perfect uniforms. :D

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