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XFL Uniforms


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Guys, here are the XFL uniforms I made using Craig Wheelers template. I tried to change up the facemasks and ball to reflect the unique differences with the XFL. Please let me know if I have anything incorrectly displayed, or if something should be changed/modified.





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Good job recreating the insanity... *shudders*

I forgot how goofy the uniforms were, though I did like Las Vagas' uniforms and logos... and cheerleaders. Yay for black leather chaps. ^_^

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if anything good came out of the XFL it was the Birmingham Bolts helmet, I thought that was so cool.

And that's why you're cut. Run a lap and go home.


Hey, I almost said I like the Memphis Maniax helmets. Seriously with better uniforms those helmets could have been really good.

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Excellent work, Kev! I am truly impressed. There were some cool unis to come from that league, and some pretty hideous ones as well.

I also wanted to point out that the Hitmen and Demons road unis have the AFL logo on the pants. Might want to clean that up a bit. ^_^


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