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NHL Teams you love to hate...


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After the NFL topic, why not a NHL one on the same subject: hatery!

#1 ) Toronto Maple Leafs, a such bunch of weiners.

#2 ) Montreal Canadiens, I'm an old Nords fan and I still can't get overit.

#3 ) Any team coached by Jacques Lemaire... get the trap out!


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1) Boston Bruins - My hatred of Boston sports teams (Red Sox & Patriots) multiplied by the fact that I'm a habs fan.

2) Toronto Maple Leafs - Me being a habs fan makes me detest this team, plus since they have Lindros and Domi. The only reason why they arent no. 1 is because I feel sorry for their fans.

3) Los Angeles Kind - Sean Avery, need I say more?

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1. Toronto Maple Leafs - Only because of my severe dislike for Pat Quinn. Once he's gone, they're off the list.

2. New York Rangers - You don't really NEED a reason to hate the Rangers, do you?

3. Philadelphia Flyers - See TML, just replace Pat Quinn with Bobby Clarke.

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HackHawks - Civic duty.

Philadelphia - Never have liked the Flyers.

Rangers - Just seems right to wish bad on the Rangers.

Vancouver - Crawford's a whiny thug-wanna-be idiot. See also: Bertuzzi.

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Red Wings, as they seem to be the #1 destination of ex-Kings and has been players looking for a cheap cup win.

eg- Schneider, Robataille (at one point), Hull

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#1 Minnesota Wild, for a few reasons.

- They retired #1 for the Fans.

- Their green jersey is the single worst uniform of all time. It co-ordinates well with abslutely no other clothing whatsoever. I'll take the Yellow V jerseys, Wild Wing, the Kings sash, the Predators third, anything, even the Texas Longhorn's white ballet look, over that piece of crap.

- That State of Hockey song is so cheesy, it makes me groan.

- They are the only NHL team have the word NHL in a logo.

#2 Colorado Avalanche, primarily because of the horrible use of the color burgundy and the pitiful jersey striping. As much as I hate the burgundy, their third jersey is the only half-way decent one they have. Also, they use black unnecessarily.

#3 Dallas Stars. Their uniforms are awesome (except the Mooterus of course), but I dislike them because of the rivalry with the Ducks.

--Roger "Time?" Clemente.

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