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Biggest Logo/Uniform Upgrade and Downgrade


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upgrade: this is a tough one...I'll go with the St. Louis Blues when they went to their current uniforms around either 98 or 99, and got rid of all the red in favor of a nice lookin two-tone blue

downgrade: here, however, no question. the Admirals going from a classy logo and unique jerseys to a bland uniform and a logo that makes the Toledo Storm crest look like the Mona Lisa


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biggest upgrade: AZ Cardinals 05-present, or Cavaliers 03-Present

biggest downgrade: buffaslug by FAR



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Upgrade: TB Devil Rays to the current green/black from the rainbow.

Downgrade: I'll say pretty much any football team of the last 5 years, most noteabley the Bills.

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Upgrade- Pistons ditched teal and maroon for classic Piston Red and Blue. Although the new logo is just so-so to me, the unis are sweet.

Downgrade- I would say Buffaslug logo wise, but since jerseys aren't out I will go with any team that wore a Nike jersey with one sleeve a different color (was it ALWAYS orange or was it just me), any team that went with the Nike basketball jersey with the gray shoulder accents (and gray wasn't in most of their color schemes), and any Olympic hockey team that went with the vertical stripe jerseys.

I like Nike, but I HATE jersey templates!!!!! I don't like to see Michigan and OSU bball teams wearing the same shirts. I hate templates!!!!! Especially ridiculous looking ones.

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Upgrade: Phoenix Coyotes/Detroit Pistons

Downgrade: New York Mets/Philadelphia Eagles



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Upgrade: Altanta Braves going from the light blue or whatever they had to the tomahawk.

Downgrade: Orlando Magic original jerseys, to the T-Mac era pajama jerseys. The current ones they have are even worse than the pajamas, so once the Magic decided to go downhill, they wanted to go WAAAAY downhill as far as their jerseys go, but those pinstripes were sweet.

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Biggest Upgrade of All Time, IMHO:

Cleveland Indians, 1970's - ditching their "greek" font and screaming scarlet in favor of a more traditional, actually downright bland look.

Biggest Downgrade of All Time, IMHO (tie):

Toronto Blue Jays, 2000's - went from a classic, albeit dated look, ditching among other things most if not all blue in favor of a futuristic, graphite-based color scheme that makes me want to wretch every time I see it.

Buffalo Bills, 2000's - went from a classic look to something that looks like the product of some 8-year old designing uniforms on a Madden game. Hideous.

Honorable Mention Upgrades:

Pittsburgh Pirates, early 1980's, ditching the all-pinstripe look.

Chicago White Sox, 1970's, going with the 'softball' look, albeit only briefly.

San Diego Chargers, 1960's, powder blues. Ah... powder blues.

Milwaukee Brewers, 1970's, adding the famed (or cursed) "ball in glove."

Honorable Mention Downgrades:

Pittsburgh Steelers, 1990's, going with those god-awful new numbers.

Los Angeles Dodgers, 1990/2000's, putting "LA" on the sleeve? Dumb.

San Diego Padres, 1990's, ditching brown/yellow for blue/orange. Unnecessary.

Milwaukee Brewers, 1980's, ditching the famed (or cursed) "ball in glove."


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By sport:


Upgrade: 49ers

Downgrade: Cardinals


Upgrade: Astros, Devil Rays

Downgrade: Blue Jays


Upgrade: Pistons

Downgrade: Rockets (yes, I prefer the terrible pinstripes to the terrible red/white)


Upgrade: Kings

Downgrade: Coyotes

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Upgrade: NYJ current uniforms (except for the all green combo)

Downgrade: Falcons


Upgrade: The current D-Rays uniforms

Downgrade: Probably the Angels. I know it's a minority opinion but red just doesn't strike me as a "heavenly" colour.


Upgrade: Raptors changing from the "barney the dinosaur" look that was their original uniforms

Downgrade: The rockets going from the red/white unis to the pajamas they wore when Barkley was there


Upgrade: hm probably the Kings tho i'm stil partial the classic purple and gold look

Downgrade: Canucks current unis. The corporate logo sickens me tho I do like the 3rd uni.

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Upgrade has to be the Phoenix Coyotes, ditching those garbage unis and that stupid logo, man those were..are bad!!! They have a more classy look now and one of the best uniforms in the league.

Downgrade I pick the entire CFL(except the Montreal Alouettes because they escaped the Reebok mess, thankfully) I know the CFL is a small league but seven team have two templates between them? That is F***ed up!!

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