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He would look great in this uniform....


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I was debating whether to put this in the lounge or here.

I was thinking today about how certain players would look in other teams colors.

I'm not hoping this player will play for this team, I just think they would look great in the team's uniform.

As for players that actually play on the team that I think they would great in......

Keyshawn Johnson in a Panthers Uniform.

Alfonso Soriano - Cubs

As for ones that play for another team....

Orlando Pace in a Cincinnati Bengals Uniform.

Juan Pierre- San Francisco Giants

Dontrelle Willis - Yankees

Shawn Marion - Dallas Mavericks

Dirk Nowitzki - New York Knicks

Adam Dunn - New York Mets

Austin Kearns - Cleveland Indians

Chris Webber - New Jersey Nets

Kevin Garnett - LA Lakers or Knicks

Any one else have any?

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Me in a Red Wings jersey :D (I think we'd drop into last place rather quickly if this was the case)

L.T. in a Detroit Lions jersey...by L.T. I mean Tomlinson..there's only one retired player I'd like to see back in a Lions jersey: Scott Mitchell (that Sanders guy might be nice too) :P

Ryan Howard in an Angels jersey

I'll second Cyclopsis' request. Hell, it could be any team.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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