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Who to get on my jersey?


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I've got a classic Bruins jersey that was used from way back in 1974-75 all the way up to the 1994-95 season.


So, who to get in a 20 year time span?

Yes, there were probably some differences in stripe widths between the first 70's version and the last 90's version, but nothing so major that I'm going to worry about it.

Bobby Orr wore this style. No name on the back please.

Ray Bourque wore this as both #7 and #77. How cool would a Bourque #7 jersey be?

Speaking of #7, that Esposito fellow also wore it as well.

As usual, any year with a commemorative patch gets extra bonus consideration.

Those seasons would be:

75-76 & 76-77 Massachusetts Bicentenial

89-90 Stanley Cup Finals

91-92 NHL 75th Anniversary

92-93 Stanley Cup 100th

So, who to get and why? Let's hear it!


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I have the Neely in this style. People everywhere are always giving me props on it.

Many have the Bourque 77 version and the 7 would be unique.

I've seen Sanderson and Middleton (both 16) as well.

But if you really want to bring down the house, Bucyk 9 is the way to go.

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The obvious choice would be Bourque or Neely.

If you want to go with something a little different, how about Joe Juneau (#49) with the 92-93 Stanley Cup 100th patch. He had 102 points that year, setting a new record for Bruins' rookies.

Early in his career, Juneau was awesome. He played for the Canadian national team in 91-92, and they got a lot of attention because Eric Lindros suited up for them while he refused to play for Quebec. In an Olympic tune-up game the Nats played versus the Edmonton Oilers, he came flying down the wing and blasted a slapshot, top shelf, from the faceoff circle for a goal - TWICE. It was like that scene in 'The Natural' when a young Roy Hobbs comes out of nowhere to fan The Whammer - amazed, you're left wondering, " Who IS this guy?"

Bucyk would be cool, too, but for him, I'd go with a 60's style sweater.

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I probably should have mentioned this earlier, but I already have a white Cam Neely jersey in this style with the "Last Hurrah" patch worn during the pre-season game in Sept. 1995 that was the last game at the old Boston Garden.

For that reason, I'm probably not going to make this one a Neely as well, but for you guys not knowing that, it's a great suggestion from everyone who made it.

Man, whenever Cam Neely comes up, you can sure feel the love.

Gord Kluzak? Instead of Bourque?

The nice thing about Moog is he played three of those early 90's patch years.

Anyone else?

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