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New York Islanders Rebranding


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Over the past few months, I have been using my design skills to rebrand the NHL. Now it is common knowledge around here that the NHL is going to new jerseys next year and many teams will be getting new uniforms the next few years. So with such an opportunity, I tried my hand at redesigning the NHL....

First up was the New York Islanders. In their history, they have gone through one of the biggest rebranding flops of all time. Although the fans scared management into a classic makeover, they haven't achieved much success as a franchise since their four cups wins back in the early 80's.

On their present uniforms, they pay tribute to their run of cups by their 4 stripes they wear on their shoulder. I decided to bring those stripes into the new identity...

The Islanders tried to identify with the Montauk Lighthouse once, but ultimately failed along with the Fisherman. So I took a second stab at it. The new design features a shining lighthouse with 4 barber-pole stripes wrapping up the side, symbolizing the 4 Stanley Cups. The new secondary crest features the same idea as the Long Island logo, but with a modernized NY and ellipse. The alternate crest is a combination of the first two logos.....


Now I wanted to keep the jerseys relatively simple. So I went with an alternating four stripe pattern on the home and roads, giving it a vintage feel. The main crest is the secondary logo, edited to match each jersey. The shoulders display the new alternate logo.

I was really tempted to put the alternate logo as the main crest on the orange jersey, but I gave out to simplicity because of the simple jersey pattern....


C&C please...



EDIT: Taken from my post on page 3...

Thanks to everyone for the props. Glad to see that you all enjoy it!

I need to address a few things regarding the series...

- I have been FLOODED with PMs and emails asking about my template and whether or not it is available. As of right now, it is not available. However, as I draw closer to completing the series, I will release it, similar to the way speedy released his template. So, all of you will just have to hold on tight for a few months before you can get it....

- If anyone who has the skills to put uniforms and teams into any of the NHL games are interested in turning a few of the concepts from this series into actual teams in the game, PM me. I would love to help out and see this happen.

- Starting with the next concept, I will release the name of the team I will be doing next. Now, I want this to be an interactive series, so I will be looking for advice and direction for that team. So, my next concept will be the Boston Bruins, so if you were going to post on this topic, I want it to look like this:

(Remember, only an example!!! )

Amazing concept. The only thing I would change would be using the lighthouse logo on the 3rd jersey.

For the Bruins, I would get rid of Winnie the Pooh and the whole 3rd jersey altogether. I think it should have more of a classic feel than modern.

Can't wait to see what's next!

So what do you guys want to the Bruins do? The floor is now open.....


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awesomeness. simply. awesomeness.

I'd say to just scrap the main and make the tertiary the main logo. The lighthouse doesnt really fit with it anyways, and would never really work on a jersey.

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I don't like the seriffs on the wordmark, but I understand that is all the rage these days.

The uniforms are pretty sharp, but I think having teh NY logo on teh front and on the shoulders is overkill.

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I really like it. But why have the first logo if it isnt used at all? Also maybe some how show us the helmet logo, maybe a side view instead of front.

And one little thing, maybe change the collar color on the home uniform.

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i really really love it.

only thing i'd change is the alternate. i'd make it more consistent with the home/road striping. the pants especially throw me off. it seems odd to have 2 pairs of navy pants.

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I like the changes and I really like the secondary logo which I like on the shoulders. However, I have an affinity for the current (original) primary logo if you put that on the home and road concepts here I'd buy a set. I would eliminate the 3d entirely as I hate orange jerseys.

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Thats the best concept I've seen with original logos on this board in a long time...simply amazing. Great job. And that template is really nice too.

I can't wait for your upcoming designs, you've set a high standard...

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