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FOUND: Unused Reebok Capitals concept


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found this skimming through portfolios on Coroflot.com, a website that hosts portfolios for all design disciplines.

I know the guy and can confirm he did work at Reebok for a couple years. I wonder how long he's had this posted on there?

At first glance it looks like the same Capital building silhouette used on the secondary eagle logo they unveiled.

If you look really closely at the wordmark with the dome off to the right side you can see the ascender that goes up from

the P to the point of the dome creates a hockey stick and the "dot" of the I is a puck. Clever.


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I kinda sorta like that wordmark, but the Eagle/capitol patch and the wordmark on the real jerseys own that crest. I also like the logo itself there.

I kind of like the whole thing, but the logo looks like a Prussian military helmet.

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I believe the Caps said they cut it down to two designs and the one that they didn't use would probably become the Alternate uniforms when they are reintroduced in a few years. So we might be looking at the Caps future alt.

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The "Capitals" in the Old English font doesn't do it for me, but the single W on the shorts is nice I think. It reminds me of the Oklahoma City Blazers "B" that they have been using recently. I wouldn't mind seeing the W as the logo for a 3rd jersey, much the same way OKC does it.

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[Channeling Lumburgh] Uhm yeah I am gonna have to go with a no here...

Old English lettering with angular modern number font....nope

I cant tell the difference between your mamas bisquit and a hockey puck but if that "i" is suppsedly a stick and puck it s a pretty square looking to me.

And concur with the kaiser helmet observations also could be ancient samari helmet as well


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Ya know, I kind of like that U.S. Capitol Building logo as the crest if the team didn't have a modernized version

of their old team name wordmark. Much better than what has been on their home black jerseys.

I agree, I don't like that wordmark with the passed over jersey design, at least not with a new look here.

Their new nameplate and numbering fonts are excellent in my mind. If that proposed Capitol Building logo

was on the front, I would accept it. I had commented on the "new Capitals jersey" thread when the new look

was unveiled on draft day where I would've preferred a Capitol Building logo as the crest and better than

the ugly old one with the wordmark, crossed hockey sticks, puck and two big stars. That passed over new crest logo

would've fit that bill as better than the previous one.

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