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San Jose Sharks Concept


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Strayed away from my usual retro-feeling hockey concepts and busted out my new Washington Capitals RBK Edge Template, tailored to fit the Sharks of course. Basically, I used sharp or jagged lines to give the look of fierceness (is that a word?) A sharks fin is represented under the armpit smashing between two stripes. Yes, I know the backs are a bit plain, but welcome to the EDGE era.


C&C as always...

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I like it Drew, only one problem, I would of made the fin in the secondary black to fit the primary

Great idea Gary, updated accordingly.

Did you intentionally create those fin shapes in the armpit areas? If so, nice attention to detail, though I doubt they'd be seen. Quite nice design overall, good use of colours; they mix well.

Thanks, and yes, I intentionally created the fin's in the armpits.

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I love it man.

I think the design is modern, i haven't seen a concept quite like it.

The away is perfect as is, the road is amazing too. However, for me personally, the road has too much teal, if you made a larger white area i think it'd be better.

Overall a great concept, good work!

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Let's get back to discussing speedy's concept.

I like it a lot. The one thing that jumps out at me, though, is the horizontal teal stripe on the back of the whites. What's that all about?

Also, could we see a version with some orange?

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the gold really brings out the dark colors - I also love the updated shark logo - no offense to my SJ brothers, tradition does have it's importance.

However, IMO the logo looks great.

Nice work on the jersey/concept. 9.6/10 - :)

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