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Then and Now


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Hey JungleJim - speaking of how times have changed, I got the book Remember the AFL for Christmas and in it, Bob Trumpy talks about the Bengals' first game. He said it was at San Diego at 1pm on a FRIDAY afternoon because the stadium had a flea market booked for their parking lot on Sunday and they were setting it up on Saturday. On the plane ride home he got his first game check...for $644!

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I love this thread. Why? Because I hate the horrible excuse from kids these days that sleeves restrict their movements and make it harder to catch the ball. Huh? Maybe if you didn't have your jersey so friggin tight because it's two sizes to small, sleeves wouldn't be so restrictive. It's not the sleeves kids, it's the person in the jersey that can't play.

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Continuing with the Patriots...



z-Miami 11 5 0 .688

New England 11 5 0 .688

NY Jets 9 7 0 .563

Buffalo 7 9 0 .438

z-Conference Champions

y-Clinched Playoff Spot



Uncool, man.

... yeah, because the two are not related to one another. THIS would be more appropriate:


My thread is famous! But yeah. Uncool.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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