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New England Patriots' 50 Seasons


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When the Patriots released this logo earlier in the week, my first reaction was positive. After looking at it for a while, I couldn't get past some of the elements that were really bugging me. The extra outline on Elvis, the placement and size of the 50, the multiple outlines and, last but not least- the "flames" in the banner.

I know they are not flames, but that is all I can see now. So, all this being said, I decided to do my own version. I won't say mine is better, but I do like the flow of it. Before I am banished to the Copperplate Witch Hunt thread - I used it because the Patriots use it on their Championship banners. This gives some continuity to all their graphics. Anyway, let me know what you think. If you can't tell by my sig, I like it.

I have included an embroidered version of the patch.



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Your version blows the Patriots' version out of the water. Absolutely fantastic job. I kind of liked the Anny logo before I saw yours. Now it looks like absolute s :censored: t. It looks cold and slapped together. Yours looks beautiful and is something worth being celebrated in its own right.

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see what a little thought and some effort can do? great job!

some suggestions

-eliminate second thin line within the banner

-I love Pat the Patriot and think it's a nice nod to their history but i just think he is too small and too detailed to fit in a patch design like this, if he were illustrated with less detail i would say leave him, but I think he should go.

-maybe a different font choice, looks like copperplate, maybe something totally sans serif?

all in all you made a great improvement over theirs

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Actually, I think the 2 team logos are more prominent in the original version than Logoman's.

I think the original could have been set up better using just the red tri-corner cap, since that was a part of all the identities before the Flying Elvis.

Back-to-Back Fatal Forty Champion 2015 & 2016

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