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How is there not a Gunner Stahl jersey included in there?

That's my holy grail...a black "Island" Gunner Stahl sweater...even in t-shirt form...

Because nobody likes D2.

I loved D2. Though not as good as D1, still a good movie.

The Legends of the Hidden Falls t-shirt are awesome. I need one of them.

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I used to love Legends of the Hidden Temple. I was like 9 when it first came on. Lately, I've seen people wearing the t-shirts from that show, and was wondering where they got them from. I always thought Hot Topic had them. But they didn't (at least I haven't seen any at HT).

Seems like there's plenty of merchandise from old skool Nickelodeon. If only they had Rocko's Modern Life merchandise, then I'll definitely be buying from that site.

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I've seen a few websites offering the Mighty Ducks shirts. Anyone know where you can get a Ducks jersey?

The guy who played Averman put his jerseys on eBay a few years back, actually. I lost the auction for the original movie jersey with 10 seconds left.

The Ducks shirts would be much better if it weren't horribly traced, and I honestly don't know where my Green Monkeys shirt got to. I might have to search for that.

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D2 is an excellent movie. I watched D2 yesterday, and today was thinking how cool it would be to have one of the original jerseys, and ended up at this website, then came and see it posted here. Too bad its only shirts and no jerseys.

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