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New SNY graphics!


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I like the Black Wall Padding at Citi


Its not Black. Its "Polo Grounds Green."

One of the Mets Officals was on the radio during a tour of the stadium said it was a "dusty black" but u might be right on the exact name though. I thought it was black also because the painted the concrete be4 the college game last week black. but who cares, either way Citi look great and cant wait to go to a game there

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I was like wait a minute that looks like the one I took and posted on B-F lol. Turns out it is. LOL. I love how they look.

Anyone know if tomorrow's game is on SNY? It's gonna be shown on MLB Network too.

Here's another pic btw.


Saturday's game is gonna be on PIX channel 11

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It seems very video game-esque...like I saw it a couple years ago on XBOX 360 or something from MLB 2k7 (Awful series by the way, but that's another thread).

Change always takes some getting used to. The weirdest thing for me is seeing the Mets at home without the blue walls and orange seats as a backdrop...and a ball hit to the outfield has seats behind it rather than open air and a humongous scoreboard.

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