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Brooklyn Nets **UPDATE**


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As much as I utterly despise the concept of two pro sports franchises in the same sport in the same market, and NYC being the biggest offender, I couldn't help but take a shot at a Nets rebrand for when they move to Brooklyn.

Tthe idea came to me to do a hybrid tribute to the original NY Nets of the ABA and also the Brooklyn Dodgers(the last major pro team of any sport to play in Brooklyn). The Dodgers are why I chose the blue/white/silver color scheme. With the Sixers going back to red/white/blue , having two teams looking like that would be silly, especially division rivals. The primary/script is inspired by the original Nets logo and uniform(the stars being from the uni).

The rather simple alternates are obviously based off the famous Dodgers "B". I don't know what the deal is with that, I assume the Dodgers still own that mark, but hey this is for fun.

The uniforms I kept very simple, to sort of counter the Knicks' look. The one thing I had trouble with was coming up with a decent "Brooklyn" script. I tried a style similar to the old Dodgers, and also one based off the "B" but nothing looked right. Even still I'm pretty happy with the way it came out. C&C always appreciated!


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These look pretty classy. You're definitely on the right track, and I love tributes to older teams and city history.

A few things I don't like, but have no idea how to resolve:

- The uppercase Brooklyn in the word script.

- The "basketball" looks way too much like a baseball.

- There's too much colored space between the "t' and "s" in "nets," covering up part of the basketball outline

- The loop on top of the s (I have no reason for not liking this).

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Wow, I love what you've done so far. The "nets" script looks stellar. The "B" looks a little subpar compared to the rest of the design but with a little tweaking it could work better. Despite the 76ers I would suggest incorporating a little red as an accent and I think that would really make the logos and uniforms stand out more. Also, what numeral font did you use on the uniforms? They look awesome and strangely familiar but I can't put my finger on where I've seen them.

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You know what...for what you were going for here, I actually REALLY like this.

It's milquetoast simple, but at the same time stays classy. Upon first sight, I wondered where the red is, but then decided this concept doesn't need the red--neither did the Brooklyn Dodgers. And speaking of which, I'm loving the ode to the old Brooklyn Dodgers, as well, with the old cap logo "B" inside a basketball (I'd think folks would recognize that + basketball = Brooklyn basketball team, in this case the Nets). Now, one question...is that alt a home alt or a road grey akin to baseball road unis??

Technical aspects I'd look at...I'd straighten the basketball back up in the primary logo, the same way you have it with the "B" secondary. I think I know why you chose to slant it that way--to match up with the script--but it looks a little off that way. Also, the "e" in the script looks squared while the rest of the letters are more "curvy"...looks a little out of place.

All in all, great originality, pretty good execution. I give it an overall high "B".

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This is a very classy concept. I really like it. It's well thought out and executed nicely, but I'm not a fan of the Dodgers relation. The team are the Nets. And to me, I've always seen the Nets having a very unique identity. I see you're also using a ABA Nets mash-up in here and that's cool. But, I don't know. It's kind of hard for me to describe.

Grade: B-

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Only complaint I have is that none of the jerseys say "Brooklyn." This is a Jay-Z owned team... if anything, he'll put Brooklyn on all three. I think I would go with a blue closer to what the Nets do now. But I definitely love the Nets script you have here. The ABA unis with the script are my favorite that they've ever worn (the first is the Dr. J era "stars & stripes" duds).

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